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We are the GoldKinar team. We are gamers with long experience and just huge fans of online games. We created this website for fans like us so that we could provide help to those who need it.

Here you can buy virtual money, level up your character with our help and/or ask for help with getting rare in-game items and equipment, or with exploring the Dungeons. If you don’t have enough time for dull and boring activities and you’d like somebody else to do the dirty job - somebody trustworthy, somebody whose professionalism is proved by a long-time experience – then this website is just what you need!

Our service is our pride. You can feel free to contact us at any time of the day or night. We are online 24/7, non-stop! You can absolutely count on our help.

We can offer such services as:

  • buy virtual money for online games – Linage II Classis adena, Blade and Soul gold, AION kinah, ArcheAge gold, TERA Online gold, Neverwinter, WildStar platinum;
  • get help with obtaining silver lions in World of Tanks and gain experience;
  • power leveling in Diablo 3;
  • Dota 2 trainings etc.

We all want to be the first, be famous and respected. Every game is created to win it, and to do so you need to put in a lot of efforts.

Time spent in-game becomes working hours. Night becomes day, day becomes night. But you don’t always have the ability to pursue your goals non-stop and freely. And you’ve got to understand that stopping means losing as well. And it that very precious time that you lose!

On the way of achieving desired goals of stand certain obstacles, and to deal with them you need to level up your character, sell/get some gold or get a back-up during raids.

Everything we do is meant to help you. Our work is focused on improving your leisure time.

Your tower of strength. Your friends.

GoldKinar team.


 MMORPG – the most important thing in the millions of gamers’ lives

Many people who always play MMORPG and fight in exciting battles know that one of the most important success criteria is virtual money. In some games it is knows as gold, in other – as kinah, adena etc. But the point is that virtual money help millions of gamers’ evolve and make the game more fun to play. In the majority of MMORPG the main criterion is character’s level which depends directly on the amount of experience points gained. You have to keep in mind that you can either reach a high level by yourself spending lots of time or just buy virtual money for real money, making your game much simpler and spare yourself some time for real life.

How to get virtual money in MMORPG?

Virtual money, as well as experience points, are earned by the player during his time in game. Notice that you can do well without spending money almost in any MMORPG, but you are going to come a long way and go through the hardship of scraping up virtual money in game. It’s easy to conclude that many games of such genre offer a whole bunch of paid services that make the game much simpler. The most common and simple service among them is the purchase of virtual money for real money. Also they offer power leveling for your characters, getting the weapons or armor needed etc. Anyway, gamer receives a plenty of undoubted advantages, because virtual money that is obtained this way is similar to the identical money earned honestly in the gaming process. Therefore, a player can save precious time, i.e. buying time for a personal life from game developers at extra cost. Along with that, you can reject the idea of purchasing virtual money and begin to earn it with the help of various quests and tasks, but the main drawback of this decision is that such way may appear really dull and boring, and many players give up on the game because of that.

Where virtual money applies?

On the whole, many online games prove a necessity to constantly develop your character. You’ll have to fight monsters and other players, walking through the so-called quests, acquiring certain rewards, like money and experience. Maps in games are provided with special shops, where the purchase of different kinds of weapons, armor and plenty of other things is available for at a certain cost. As a rule, virtual money can be resold by one player to another one in exchange for different items (thereby creating the so-called secondary weapons and armor markets). Also gamers can provide each other various services: grouping together, helping out with quests and implementing other social functions.  Also it is an open secret that the most successful players can sell virtual money, thus making a good fortune just from playing their favourite game. 

You can have a truly enjoyable experience with MMORPG, having a sufficient amount of virtual money

All gamers know about the importance of virtual money in online games. If you want to be really successful in MMORPG and begin to stand out amongst millions of other players, you need to have sufficient amounts of valuables: armor, weapons, different jewellery etc. As a rule, all these items are available for free, but at a cost of exhausting process of “farming”. You’ll have to spend days and nights sitting on your PC, making annoying and monotonous manipulations with your mouse. Therefore appears a pretty reasonable question: “ Where’s the promised fun? Where are the promised action and exciting adventures?”

So, if you want to have a real feeling of enjoyment and have at your disposal only the very best, then only our website of virtual money can speed up the process of developing your character. We offer services of virtual money exchange for real money. Believe us, this popular method of dealing with your in-game problems will make MMORPG much more interesting. 

Purchase of virtual money is chosen only by those players who don’t want to waste their precious time on completing monotonous quests, dull farming and basic grinding. If you invest a little at the start, you’ll receive a fast evolution of your character as a result. So, who’s in need of virtual money to make and urgent purchase? Who wants to become a serious player in the world of MMORPG? Who wants to get shoulder-deep in the gaming process? If you want to play instead of struggling, then you’re obliged to purchase virtual money as soon as possible.

The main specialization of our service is namely virtual money trading in the games of MMORPG genre. Our specialists are engaged in the sale of virtual money and providing other gaming services for some time now, and since day one we’ve processed every order and receive no negative responses. Our service gained a reputation of a trustworthy partner that offers the most pleasant conditions for deal making. Cooperation with us means a complete certainty in the fact that your in-game account will be supplied with purchased virtual money 100%. 

If you still don’t know where to purchase gold for TERA , just visit our website where we offer you a plenty of variations of gold purchasing and power leveling in popular MMORPG. Now it is possible to find a follow-up work for everyone who wants to make real money on favourite activities.

We are trustworthy and dependable at providing services of virtual money exchange at reasonable prices and what is more – high service quality free from fraud. Permanent customers can receive pleasant bonuses from us, thus purchasing virtual money becomes even more profitable. Purchasing virtual money from us means becoming one of the best players in MMORPG and stand up to your foes.

Power leveling in LineAge II Classic – nothing’s easier

The most annoying part about Lineage 2 is power leveling. Many players even quit playing Lineage 2, not being able to endure a slow process of training. Since recently you can entrust this insurmountable task to our professionals. Our service provides handleveling with the help of our qualified MMORPG professionals. We don’t use any bots or third-party software, and that distinguishes us from other unfair services drastically. Apart from this service, we can also provide a service of completing any quest in the game, and 2nd-3rd Class Transfer as well. 

By providing this service, we approach each of our clients individually. All the information you need you can always get from our online-operators. Some particular cases may involve certain negotiations. The price is formed judging from order’s difficulty, character’s level and estimated time of completion. We guarantee complete safety and security of all the deals made on our website.

Still don’t know how to purchase gold for ArcheAge?

Those who play ArcheAge can also find something to their liking. We sell gold for this MMORPG in any quantity and at acceptable prices. If you want to become a lord of the whole ArcheAge world, just fill out a simple order form and pay for it by any means offered. We allow payments via multiple different payment processors, among which are the most popular ones (Kiwi, Webmoney, Yandex Money, Visa)

Do you play AION? Not a problem! We offer you AION Kinah at affordable prices! You cannot even imagine how simple and easy it is to purchase virtual money from us, and what is more, how interesting the game will become after a purchase. You will be able to play head-to-head with the strongest inhabitants of AION and fight back the most invincible players.

If you need to purchase gold for Lineage II Classic or TERA Online, Kinah for AION or any other virtual money, just visit our website and we will quickly find a solution for your problem at a low price!