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Power leveling speed depends on the following: class, items, in-game social status.

Power leveling is done without any additional software. Our employees perform handleveling.

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Important: Try to interrupt the power leveling process less often, because frequent interruptions lead to a significant level up speed drop!

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Level up setting Price per 1 level Est. time per 1 level
My level now 1 to 56 2100 RUB ~ 1 - 2 days
My level now 56 to 57 2500 RUB ~ 1 - 2 days
My level now 57 to 58 4500 RUB ~ 2 - 3 days
My level now 58 to 59 8500 RUB ~ 4 - 6 days
My level now 59 to 60 19000 RUB ~ 5 - 8 days
Level up setting Price per 1 level Est. time per 1 level
My level now 1 to 56 35.70$ ~ from 1 to 2 days
My level now 56 to 57 42.50$ ~ from 1 to 2 days
My level now 57 to 58 76.50$ ~ 2 - 3 days
My level now 58 to 59 144.50$ ~ 4 - 6 days
My level now 59 to 60 323.00$ ~ 5 - 8 days
Level up setting Price per 1 level Est. time per 1 level
My level now 1 to 56 44.10€ ~ from 1 to 2 days
My level now 56 to 57 52.50€ ~ from 1 to 2 days
My level now 57 to 58 94.50€ ~ 2 - 3 days
My level now 58 to 59 178.50€ ~ 4 - 6 days
My level now 59 to 60 399.00€ ~ 5 - 8 days
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20 January 2016
Все супер!! Рекомендую!!
Buy: Black Desert Online → Эллиан (F2P) 208 silver
6 November 2015
Все норм, дешево и адекватно, рекомендую
Leveling: Black Desert Online : 51 → 52 lvl
28 October 2015
Leveling: Black Desert Online : 11 → 20 lvl
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Black Desert power leveling

power leveling BDO


Strong character makes Black Desert more interesting!

Like in any other MMORPG, Black Desert includes power leveling system (different modifications of character's equipment, its improvement, that is a cornerstone for pursuing of personal gaming purposes). In this game developers did not put any limits or restrictions on character's power leveling and you can improve yours endlessly.

Stages of power leveling

To unlock skills a player will need to earn SP (Skill Points), which can be acquired thorugh completing quests, talking to coaches in cities or improving a certain existing skill of your character. Skills development can be eaither linear or branched (when player chooses his development route himself). After learning skills and abilities, they don't change. With their development character undergoes changes. his skills acquire additional bonuses and sometimes turn into combos or in some chains of actions. At the beginning your character will deal simple blows, but you you level up your character in Black Desert, those blows will become more and more powerful. There are two main stages of power leveling in Black Desert:

Improving your character up to level 50. This stage is quite simple and standard, and here everything is like in many other online games: the player has to wander around fantasy world and seek for battles and treasures, make researches to get new skills and abilities. This stage, as a rule, takes about two months, the main factor being the amount time player spends in the game.

The second way to level up a character in Black Desert is completely another stage. When the player gains experience and develops the most needed qualities, he can blend into the game world completely and enjoy it, creating new chains of abilities for his character. On this stage you can getexerpience points only for defeating monsters. As for completing quests, it won't give you any rewards anymore. Getting new levels, your character will obtaing SP which allow for improving skills.

Power leveling is quite a difficult task and it takes a lot of time. Not every player can sacrifice his personal life for a game, and that's where you get a unique opportunity to level up a character in Black Desert fast and qualitatively with the help of our website.

black desert power leveling


Fast power leveling in Black Desert. Why exactly us?

Our website offers services for power leveling in Black Desert. We have a lot of experience and clear reputation, which helps us for making dreams of thousands of players come true. Our website offers:

  • Affordable prices without using bots;
  • Complete safety of your gaming account 
  • Payment via almost any payment method;
  • Huge experience in providing services
  • Real warranties that are easy to test;
  • Big staff etc.

Character power levleing in Black Desert takes a lot of time and not every person is able ot sacrifice this time. For example, reaching level 50 can take up to 250 hours. Just think about it, do you have 250 hours to spend on a game? Our staff will make it a lot faster and better, and what's most important, you will be able to do your personal business in real life, while your character is being improved in virtual world. Our website offers its clients such service as experience points in Black Desert on completely limpid conditions. We know everyrthing about power leveling, and not only in Black Desert, but in many other MMORPG as well.

black desert online power leveling

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