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20 January 2016
Все супер!! Рекомендую!!
Buy: Black Desert Online → Эллиан (F2P) 208 silver
6 November 2015
Все норм, дешево и адекватно, рекомендую
Leveling: Black Desert Online : 51 → 52 lvl
28 October 2015
Leveling: Black Desert Online : 11 → 20 lvl
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Tame horse in Black Desert

If you enjoy playing MMORPG Black Desert Online and you are very interested in Black Desert mounts, then this issue is quite easy to solve if you know in what order should you perform your actions. 

If you've been playing BDO for quite a long time but still were not able to get an experience of a true cowboy and tame a wild courser, then taming will be available for you as it never was before. Fans of speed will be able to tame a horse and move across the world faster than their opponents. Black Desert world is huge and if you don't want to creep around on a tiny donkey, which is obtainable through quests, but you want to conquer endless scopes on high speeds, then a horse will become the only right decision, that will give you stature and respect.

First things first…

On the first stages of taming, you will have to go to a horseman and buy a lasso for 1500 silver coins from him. A horseman can be found in any of the towns, if you're not really sure in your skills, get 3-5 lassos. Then go to a Cook and buy brown sugar from him, and also a water for cooking (10/1 proportion)

Many people think that to tame horse in Black Desert 7 ready pieces of sugar will help, but 100% result cannot be anticipated by anyone. The chances are quite big, but not much. After you've prepared enough sugar you can start heading for the search of your courser. Every town has a few respawns for wild horses. When you get to the place, you will see horses of 3 types depending of their breed:

  • Grey horse with black mane;
  • Brown horse with brown mane;
  • Brown horse with gold mane.

Finding out how to tame a horse in Black Desert Online one has to acknowledge that there are simply no better breeds among the wild ones, and they are accessible only through cross breeding. Each horse has its own stats and everything depends on the breed. The higher the stats, the fast will be the horse. Every horse has its own level which can be increased. Leveling gives a growth to its level. The abilities also develop. There are eight levels altogether. In the very beginning the horse will have only one ability and it will be chosen randomly, as well as its gender.

Catching process

If you've found a courser to your liking, activate lasso. Silently, come closer to a horse and stand still. Otherwise, you can scare the horse away with your lasso, and it will run away with your rope. Aim and throw a lasso.

Then you will have to complete mini-games, feed sugar to horses and complete different tasks to tame the horse completely. The more often you will be catching horses, the higher your catching skills will be and mini0games will be a lot easier to complete. In the very beginning it is very difficult to catch a horse on your own, but with time you will be able to do it without any problems. If you already have a horse, then buy horseshoes for her, which will give it more speed, and also special stirrups have to be obtained, which will let performing attacks while riding. They are quite expensive, but it's worth it!

As you can see, Taming a horse is a quite difficult process which can take a lot of time, and a novice most probably won't be successful in chasing a horse from the first try. For those who don't have time or can't tame a courser, there is always an option to buy horse in Black Desert with the help of GoldKinar service.

Coursers to suit any taste 

If you're interested in Black Desert Online pets, then our services are designed to make you more advanced and happy. Now your character will have the fastest and most beautiful horse, which will 'fly' across the world of BDO, pulling ranks of the opponents, making others envy you. To become an owner of the best horse, you will only need to visit our website, fill out an order form and pay for the service. Our experts will tame the desired horse in the shortest time possible and you will be able to play afterwards, having your game brought to the next level.

It is very easy and convenient to buy horse in Black Desert Online (BDO), and what's most important, it's cheap. Our experts constantly monitor the MMORPG services market and offer best prices for certain services. Apart from taming horses, we con also offer our clients services of character power leveling or horse leveling, gold sale and purchase, weapon or armor drop etc.

Now this will be a completely new experience when you can buy pets Black Desert just in a few clicks of your computer mouse, and these pets will bring you joy and comfort to your character during the whole gaming day!