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Tame a horse (level 2)

Minimum requirements:

  • Character level 16 
  • Taming level 5
  • 3 lasso in the inventory

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Tame a horse (level 2)

Black Desert is a MMORPG of well-known Korean developers from Pearl Abyss. The game has occured on the territory of Western Europe in 2015. A huge map (sandbox) will make the player always be in the middle of action. Black Desert is one of the most ambitious and promising games of 2015, and it is truly so! 
The game takes place in the Middle Age, which gradually makes a transition to Renaissance. On the territory of South Korea this game is freely accessible, and on in Western Europe there will be free-to-play servers abd servers with monthly subscription. As for other countries, the payment will be the most bariable and to this day nobody knows all the details as they're kept secret.

Characters and animals in BDO

After you get started with the game, after you level up gradually, there will come a moment when you will want to come in possession of a horse - a loyal friend that will help you move across locations as fast as possible. If you still don't know how to tame horse level 2 in BDO, then you have to be ready for hard trials, because taming a horse is quite a difficult and thorough process. But there is also a much more simple way of getting the most powerful horse - through purchasing it on GoldKinar.com.

Purchase horse level 2 in Black Desert - it's very easy, you just have to visit the corresponding section of our website and fill out an order form. After the payment is done, our experts will make you happier in the shorest period of time. It will be a lot easier to play Black Desert Online with a horse, especially if your horse is well upgraded.

Horse handleveling

In the course of the game your horse will get experience when you use it. With every new level, horse's stamina and health will increase, therefore even if you decide to buy a horse of a low level, you will still have a chance to improve it to the desired level on your own. 
If you want to buy horse level 2 in BDO at affordable price, just visit GoldKinar and we will find a way to please you.