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Tame a horse (level 3)

Minimum requirements:

  • Character level 16 
  • Taming level 5
  • 3 lasso in the inventory

To perform this service your log-in and password are required.


Tame a horse (level 3)

Black Desert Online becomes more and more popular among gamers of post-Soviet territory and the further the plotline goes, the more questions arouse. In the very beginning of the game, when you are only getting acquainted with the game world, you have to run around a lot. This is quite boring and tiresome. To make movement around the game world faster, you will have to find a suitable transport, namely a horse. If you still don't know how to tame horse level 3 in BDO, then the process itself will bring many questions and difficulties, although many gamers tame horses on their own and there's nothing extraordinary about it.

If you manage to get in possession of a horse, it will be wild at first, but if you will be able to tame it, then your loyal friend will develop and reach new levels. It sounds liek it's a fast process, but in reality gamers spend huge amounts of time and efforts to level up their horse at least to level 3. 

To catch a horse or to buy one?

To catch a horse you need your taming skill to be level 5. You will be able to get to this level by riding a donkey that will be accessible at the beggining of a quest chain. 

Catching and leveling a horse is quite a difficiult and exhausting task, that's why many gamers ignore doing those tasks and just come to GoldKinar.com for help. You can always buy horse level 3 in Black Desert from us at affordable price. After you have filled out an order form and paid for the service, our experts will start to complete your order and will gift you your loyal friend for fast transportations around the BDO world in no time. 

If you want to purchase horse level 3 in BDO, also pay attention to other services provided on our website, such as: power leveling, buying and selling gold, weapon aтв armor drop etc. All provided services are absolutely legal so you don't risk anything when you cooperate with GoldKinar, which differs us from other MMORPG service providers.