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26 October 2017
Пришлось немного подождать, в целом все хорошо
Buy: Blade and Soul Free → Все русские сервера (4game)-Доставка ТОЛЬКО через ДАНЖ! 100 gold
26 September 2017
Все было доставлено
Buy: Blade and Soul Free → Все русские сервера (4game)-Доставка ТОЛЬКО через ДАНЖ! 224.72 gold
25 April 2017
Все отлично, давно пользуюсь этим сайтом <3
Buy: Blade and Soul Free → 70 gold
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Buy BNS gold fast and safe

Blade and Soul is one of the masterpieces of Korean developers, who gave birth to world-famous Lineage 2 and Aion. This game absorbed the best of Eastern fantasy and martial arts in itself. That's why Blade and Soul is considered to be the pink and paragon of the newest generation for this gaming genre devotees.Gold is the game currency of BNS. You can always purchase BNS gold with the help of our services, making a simple order by filling out a special form.There are lots of fans of fantasy gaming genre out there. Taking this into account, many players gladly participate in such stories, specifically in MMORPG.

That's the main reason for the growing number of those wishing to become a part of BNS world.

The main individuality of the games of this genre is a carefully designed game economics. It is simply impossible to do fine without monetary holding in BNS, because each stage of the game creates a constant lack of gold. This exact problem forces players to waste plenty of time to complete unwanted and dull quests or farming. It is no wonder that the simplest and easiest way of acquiring the needed amount of game currency is by purchasing it with real money.

Purchasing Blade And Soul gold is always a great pleasure!

Choosing this method, you can escape the monotony in just a few minutes and make the life of your character brighter and more eventful. After you purchase BNS gold the newest possibilities open before you. You will take a dive into the midst of fabulous stories and head for conquering new spaces, experiencing all the beauties of inimitable spirit of adventures and unfamiliar territories.

Even every newcomer to the game realizes that by purchasing gold his chances of fast power leveling already increase drastically while only making the first steps towards victory. With the help of game currency just in the very beginning of playing the game you can make your character stand out amongst the majority of undifferentiated characters, dressing him into the most exclusive armor sets. Apart from that, the ones who decided to enrich themselves with Blade and Soul gold can also purchase some other specific bonuses, such as skill training or a purchase of the newest weapons.

Thus your initially faceless character will be empowered with qualities which only few possess. And the most important thing is that for all this you won't need to spend much time. You can buy BNS platinum for making the character of your dreams become real.

You can enjoy the game when you have BNS gold

Purchasing BNS gold won't be any problem for you, because we provide the guarantees of your account's and character's security and safety from bans. We obtain gold legally and guarantee the best prices for it. Everyday our professionals analyse market, therefore making the our prices the lowest amongst other providers.

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Our website provides plenty of discounts for online games, as well as gold purchase for Guild Wars 2, which will help you easily make all your dreams come true regarding power leveling of your character becoming real. 

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Purchase weapons for Blade and Soul in the right place!

There are lots and lots of MMORPGs nowadays, so there is quite a wide choice. If you are more interested in role-playing elements, interesting quests, cool storyline based on Korean mythology and oter things, then you should raw your attention to Blade and Soul. This game will undoubtedly captivate you.

What's so special about the world of Blade and Soul?

 Blade and Soul world is something truly beautiful and pure. Here's the realm of men, flora and fauna used to develop in complete harmony mutual understanding. But there came an ugly moment when this exciting world began to suffer the attack of the dark forces. Furious demons endeavored this world. They started destroying every living thing around. The results were dreadful: plants withered, animals went wild and people became very cruel.

Heavens intervened on behalf of the good and pure, they couldn't bear cruelty anymore, so they decided to address the Great masters. All this infinite action accompanies the player from the very beginning and till the last stages of the game.

How to win in Blade and Soul?

To make the gaming process more interesting and even easier, you need to buy bopae, the Pirate's belt, gold, Killing Skark Weapon and other similar items. Thanks to our specialized services we provide Pirate's weapons and all other equipment for Blade and Soul. Speaking of the Pirate's weapon, it suits advanced players perfectly. This is a perfect variant: great green buffs - either critical or Chi, or lots of attack power.

To improve gaming process drastically you can purchase Infinity Bopae. By the way, this bopae set works only with armor. You can improve your bopae by providing them with new characteristics. To get powder you have to break bopae. For this use such an inventory item, as hammer. It is possible to get powder of different colors: levels 1-20 - green powder, levels 21-26 - red powder, levels 37-46 - blue powder. If you want to get powder instead of trash, you have to work very carefully. To empower Blade and Soul bopae you'll need an anvil.

Blade and Soul gold is worth another mention.

You can buy the most diversified items. Gold will help your character to level up and to complete certain missions.  Namely gold will allow you to save time which you can spend on more important missions.

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Also we provide services of getting God of War, Infinity, Sea Snake and South Heaven bopae, Pirate's weapon, weapon of Anger, Gobun's weapon, necklace of Passion for Blade and Soul. We do this for a few years already, thus we know exactly what we need to do to make you feel satisfied with your order. Bopae, belt of the Pirate, Killing Shark weapon and playbns gold is all you need for victory.

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We await you on our servers and wish you good luck in game!