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25 April 2017
Все отлично, давно пользуюсь этим сайтом <3
Buy: Blade and Soul Free → 70 gold
26 March 2017
Вовремя без задержек все в наличии)
Buy: Blade and Soul Free → 26.85 gold
4 March 2017
Как всегда, всё быстро и четко.
Buy: Blade and Soul Free → Все русские сервера (4game)-Доставка ТОЛЬКО через ДАНЖ! 1143.51 gold
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Blade and Soul - masterpiece from Korean developers

The developers of world-known blockbusters "AION" and "LineAge II" have given the world another sensational MMORPG called "Blade and Soul". This game absorbed a multitude of the best traditions of Eastern martialarts and fantasy.

Like many similar strategies, this game had it's own peculiarities in the way of combining classic and main traditions of MMORPG. In the gaming process you can discover a planty of legends and see lots of combinations of martial arts. As of today the game has reached it's peak of popularity (for example, at the end of 2014 there were more than 80 000 search queries about this game). Blade and Soul has various auctions for those who are not lucky with getting their own weaponry and equipment. Therefore you can dress up your character with the help of this auction, but here you will need to have a lot of gold (BNS game currency). If farming gold is not doing any good, then you can easily order the needed amount of gold with the help of our service.

Here are five reasons to by playbns gold with the help of our service:

  1. We provide serious warranties which completely exclude the risk of fraud.
  2. More than 30 various payment methods, including the most popular electronic payment systems.
  3. Huge amount of employees and operators who are always ready to help you if you have any questions.
  4. Customer courtesy and democratic prices.
  5. Qualitative and prompt delivery within the time specified.

To purchase Blade and Soul gold means to ease your game and to get rid of dull and non-obligatory actions which pursue the player during his first moths of playing. Like in any similar MMORPG, the most interesting part of the game begins when you reach levels 45-50.

Make your game easier in just a few clicks

It has become very easy to purchase Blade and Soul gold. Beautiful, surprising and dynamic game has but one drawback which all Korean games possess - hardcore grinding. Nobody wants to spend 1 or 2 months to finally save enough gold for a decent equipment to enjoy the game somehow at least. It is difficult to do even physically, but on the other hand you can understand a developer, because there's still a need to somehow monetize the project. So what do those gamers who simply want to play after work or study have to do? They want to relax diving into an exciting virtual world of fantasy when pricing policy for the game currency that official sellers provide is too strict. There is an easy way out. Visit our website where you can always buy playbns gold at affordable price. This pleasant deal won't hit you in the wallet, but you'll appreciate benefits from  the gold purchase.

Thanks to our service you will be able to receive the most lawful market conditions. We track both prices and quality of services , therefore providing users with cheap gold in big amounts. Just read the reviews of our pleased customers and you will definitely want to become one of them. Just think of the idea to forget infinite dull fuss with boring mobs and completing unamusing quests and you'll instantly want to make it real. Consult with our operators on gold purchase and get a full and complete reply. Don't waste your time on boring farming, just purchase game currency and get maximum pleasure from the game while having a rest and becoming a top-player.

Apart from gold purchase you can always order drop of needed items, weapons and jewellery in Blade and Soul on our website. Ordering drop from us means:

  • Safe services guaranteed;
  • Low prices;
  • Short-time delivery;
  • Absolute confidentiality;
  • Ability to control order processing;
  • If you are not satisfied with our service, you will be refunded;
  • Help of our qualified consultants;
  • Achievement of the desired results;
  • You can have the best game experience with our services.

All orders are completed by well-experienced gamers who know Blade and SOul from A to Z. While playing BNS, many players wonder which weaponry is the strongest in the game. Our operators can answer any of your questions concerning weapons, but finding out about them is one thing, and trying the most powerful weapons by yourself is another thing. This way we return once again to the weapon drop service.

Top-weapons with perfect stats

There's a lot of talk about Killing Shark weapon in BNS forums and it is no wonder. This weapon is currently one of the top-level, because it has great stats, as well as a Pirate's weapon in Blade and Soul. If you want to compare this weapons with other types of popular items, Shark equipment has a bigger amount of advantages and only a few disadvantages. For example, if you compare BNS Shark weapon with a Spirit weapon (this is a weapon which is acquired with the help of weapon upgrades), then Shark weapon will have more advantages in crits and attack power.If you take into account the Spirit weaponry, that it is worth mentioning that it has a useful characteristic of Spirits awakening, which gives you an infinite Chi energy.

Minimum requirements for getting a Killing Shark weapon from us:

  • Character level 45
  • All golden quests are already complete
  • Po Hwa Ran quest is already complete (Po Hwa Ran Quest Entrance ticket)

Also with the help of our service you can always order various jewellery. This way we offer our clients getting, for example, a necklace of passion in bns. Minimum requirements for getting this necklace:

  • Character level 45
  • The Killing Shark Weapon
  • South Heaven Bopae set

If you want to have a glimpse at stats of this necklace empowered by +10, they will look like this:

Passion Necklace (level 10) stats:

  • Critical Damage 6,7%
  • Critical 243
  • Defence 182

Getting Passion Necklace is easy with the help of our highly qualified service specialists of which are an experts in Blade and Soul. Our staff consists of MMORPG players with a 10-year experience. For them game is a whole virtual life, where they are used to win always.

Our service is a guarantee of a pleasant and effective game and you need to check it right now!