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The Killing Shark Weapon

Minimum requirements:

  • Character level 45
  • All yellow quests are already complete
  • Po Hwa Ran quest is already complete (Po Hwa Ran Quest Entrance ticket)

Killing Shark weapon

Getting weapons in BNS is quite a difficult and sometimes an ungrateful task. Not every player has such a good knowledge of the game to get the Killng Shark weapon on his own. For those who can't complete this task independently our service exists, which offers you to get weapons for the most different MMORPG.

How to get Killing Shark weapon?

After you kill Po Hwa Ran who controls 24 Man Bloody Shark Harbor Entrance, in a few minutes you will meet one of four bosses in a random order: ice turtle, green t-rex, blue quadruped lizard or fatty destroyer. Each of these bosses drops different weapons, but one of the most pleasant in this class undoubtedly is a Killng Shark weapon.

This weapon is good because it's quite cheap and easy to upgrade, and to get it you don't need any super-equipment or some special training. Also Killing Shark weapon has quite good and powerful stats - 600 crit. Block can provide you some sustainability, as well as green stats with evasion buff. If you didn't have any experience with this weapon yet, you'll absolutely like it.

Minimum requirements:

  • Character level 45
  • All golden quests are already complete
  • Po Hwa Ran quest is already complete (Po Hwa Ran Quest Entrance ticket)

Among the drawbacks of this weapon is a fact that bosses appear only in a random order (all hail Random) and you may be able to get the Killing Shark weapon either on the first try, or spend days, weeks or even years getting it.

Order the service of getting the desired weapon

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