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Earring of the Sorcerer

Minimum requirements:

  • Character level 45
  • Killing Shark Weapon
  • South Heaven Bopae set (Sea Snake Bopae set will do better)

Earring of the Sorcerer (level 10) stats:

Critical Damage 8.3%

Critical 420

Defence 315



Earring of the Sorcerer BNS

One cannot imagine Blade and Soul without a various kind of items that make your character stronger and mightier. These can be earrings, necklaces and other different items, which empower critical attack and defense.

If you'd like to get a hold of such items, then you must get in line, because obtaining any of these in-game items of jewelery is unbelievably difficult. All jewellery in game is figuratively divided into certain classes and groups. In BNS jewellery can be divided into beginner, mediocre, and top. If you want to possess the latter, you must understand that it's a tricky one to get for every Tom, Dick and Harry and you will have to spend a lot of time and efforts to acquire it.

Things are easier with mediocre jewellery. It includes:

  • Naryu bone ring;
  • Earring of the sorcerer; 
  • Naryu bone necklace; 
  • Bracelet of the sorcerer;
  • Belt of the gifts of the plain. 

To win the necklace and the ring you'll have to go to Sun-Tree Village, meet an NPC there and spend 10 Golden coins of the Naryu country. The bracelet and the earring drop after killing the last bos in 4 man Po Hwa Ran. The Belt of the Gits of the Plain drops after killing the second boss.

Many experienced gamers notice a neccessity of having an earring of the sorcerer at a certain stage of the game, because it makes a character more powerful. To claim this item you have to meet the following requirements:

  • Character level 45
  • The Killing Shark Weapon
  • South Heaven Bopae set (Sea Snake Bopae set will do better)

It often happens that a player is not able to get a specific item on his own, but he still want to have it really hard. You don't have to worry. Our service exists right for such situations, thanks to which you can make all your dreams come true regarding Blade and Soul.

Just order the earring of the sorcerer now and in the shortest time possible your character will obtain it. By they way, here are the stats of this earring when upgraded by +10:

  • Critical Damage 8.3%
  • Critical 420
  • Defence 315

Due to cooperating with our service you will get and needed jewellery guaranteed, spending minimum efforts for it. Apart from getting weapons and jewellery we also offer services of game currency sale in any amounts and handleveling service for your character to the highest level. 

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