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GamesBlade and Soul Free → Power leveling
Benefits of our website
  • Safe services guaranteed;
  • Low prices;
  • Short-time delivery;
  • Absolute confidentiality;
  • Ability to control order processing;
  • If you are not satisfied with our service, you will be refunded;
  • Help of our qualified consultants;
  • Achievement of the desired results;
  • You can have the best game experience with our services.

To perform this service your log-in and password are required.

Power leveling speed depends on the following: class, items, in-game social status.

Power leveling is done without any additional software. Our employees perform handleveling.

  • Your character will be assigned to a person.
  • Usually our working hours for leveling up are 9:00 - 20:00 (CET). The rest of the time the character is at your disposal. You can always log in and see the process to yourself. In order to do that, ask our operator beforehand to know if your character is available.
  • You can track progress status of your order via Skype, ICQ or online helper. You can check the progress of leveling up of your character at any time.
  • Our staff is completely trustworthy. These employees work in our office and they are time proved.

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Level up setting Price per 1 level Est. time per 1 level
My level now 1 to 10 40 RUB ~ less than a hours
My level now 10 to 20 75 RUB ~ less than a hours
My level now 20 to 30 95 RUB ~ less than a hours
My level now 30 to 40 120 RUB ~ 4 hours
My level now 40 to 43 170 RUB ~ 3 hours
My level now 43 to 45 200 RUB ~ 7 hours
Level up setting Price per 1 level Est. time per 1 level
My level now 1 to 10 0.68$ ~ less than a hours
My level now 10 to 20 1.28$ ~ less than a hours
My level now 20 to 30 1.62$ ~ less than a hours
My level now 30 to 40 2.04$ ~ 4 hours
My level now 40 to 43 2.89$ ~ 3 hours
My level now 43 to 45 3.40$ ~ 7 hours
Level up setting Price per 1 level Est. time per 1 level
My level now 1 to 10 0.84€ ~ less than a hours
My level now 10 to 20 1.58€ ~ less than a hours
My level now 20 to 30 2.00€ ~ less than a hours
My level now 30 to 40 2.52€ ~ 4 hours
My level now 40 to 43 3.57€ ~ 3 hours
My level now 43 to 45 4.20€ ~ 7 hours
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26 October 2017
Пришлось немного подождать, в целом все хорошо
Buy: Blade and Soul Free → Все русские сервера (4game)-Доставка ТОЛЬКО через ДАНЖ! 100 gold
26 September 2017
Все было доставлено
Buy: Blade and Soul Free → Все русские сервера (4game)-Доставка ТОЛЬКО через ДАНЖ! 224.72 gold
25 April 2017
Все отлично, давно пользуюсь этим сайтом <3
Buy: Blade and Soul Free → 70 gold
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BNS power leveling

Blade & Soul is a perfectly balanced, well-elaborated MMORPG which offers gamers to immerse themselves in battles in the style of Eastern martial arts. The plot of the game will take you to a universe of Korean legends, offering a huge amount of unique quests and tasks. Unbelievable battles, fight for survival, astonishing graphics, BNS power leveling, fight for gold - all this waits for you in a beautiful game called Blade & Soul.

The game was developed by NCsoft, which focuses their games mainly on a maximum existence of action in the game. Combat system in BNS was created in the most beloved  traditions of such famous projects as Tekken and Stree Fighter. You character will be able to protect himself from blows and block hits, and also do it with help of both hands and legs. You will be able to perform whole series of hits on your opponents, and those combos are very impressive. Hurricane combos in BNS won't leave anybody careless, because animation created by Korean experts is so realistic that when you start playing you feel yourself right in the middle of a battlefield. 

At the first glimpse a gamer can think that BNS is a simple action-game with a little bit of hardcore, but a big amount of combat elements doesn't influence the interest to the game in any bad way. This is a MMORPG of a new generation, therefore it contains a multitude of quest storylines and PvP elements. Having all this in the game, Korean developers have succeeded to pay attention to all these components equally to create harmony in the game.

Blade & Soul characters

Getting started with Blade and Soul you will be offered a few main characters to choose from:

  • Sorcerer, who operates magic;
  • Mighty Destroyer;
  • Swordmaster, who has an attraction to cold steel;
  • Kung Fu master.

Each character has his own pros and cons and each character has different skills, abilities and combat system.

It's worth mentioning at once that character leveling BNS is not an easy task, as it takes a lot of time and efforts to waste. Power leveling in BNS does not differ much from power leveling in similar MMORPG, that's why any player must acknowledge how hard it is to start the game and how difficult it is to get new game items for your character.

To become one of the strongest in BNS world, apart from hge effort you will need a huge amount of spare time as well. Each player who is on top now, plays for 5 of more hourse each day. Think whether it's worth it. If you have enough spare time, you may try, of course, but what should those do who also have family, job, personal life? Quit playing? no an option!

Our website offers you services

BNS leveling for money is a service for lazy players or just for those who valuates their time. Our high-qualified experts, who happen to be gamers with huge experience will deal with all kinds of work considering power leveling on the highest possible level. Now you won't need to spend time and test your patience, everything will be done for you by players who have more then 5 years of MMORPG playing experience and know better than others how to level up their character fast and effectively

Make an order for this or that service on our website, it's very easy. For this you simply need to fill out a corresponding order form and make a payment for your order. Payment is commenced via electronic payment system, of which there are currently more than 40 at disposal.

BNS power leveling for money - the only right option to save your time and make your character on of the strongest in the game!

Prices for services

Price for our services depends on how many levels do you want your character to complete and which level do you want to reach in the game. The further you want to go, the higher will the price be. Apart from character power leveling our website provides lots of other services for MMORPG, among which there are:

  • Game currency purchase in unlimited amounts;
  • Gold sale at affordable prices;
  • Armor, weapons and jewellery purchase;
  • Bo-pae purchase;
  • Completion of the most difficult quests etc.

We will do anything to make the game maximally simple and interesting.

So, why not start cooperation with us and purchase power leveling in Blade and Soul?

  • We offer good prices for all services;
  • We complete orders operatively and at the highest quality level;
  • We offer warranties;
  • We ensure confidentiality of all data that our clients provide us with;
  • We do not use any bots or third party software for power leveling.

BNS handleveling which can be ordered right now is your chance to make your game truly unforgettable!