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26 October 2017
Пришлось немного подождать, в целом все хорошо
Buy: Blade and Soul Free → Все русские сервера (4game)-Доставка ТОЛЬКО через ДАНЖ! 100 gold
26 September 2017
Все было доставлено
Buy: Blade and Soul Free → Все русские сервера (4game)-Доставка ТОЛЬКО через ДАНЖ! 224.72 gold
25 April 2017
Все отлично, давно пользуюсь этим сайтом <3
Buy: Blade and Soul Free → 70 gold
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Blade and Soul is a world-known online-game which provokes interest among MMORPG devotees to the present day. Like in many other games any gamer can purchase and sell BNS gold, thereby earning real money on a beloved hobby. Unbelieveable popularity of the game is caused by its unique conception which by far has no analogues. The game combines the best parts of Eastern martial arts of MMORPG and classic, cultic quests with fascinating action, capturing graphics and Korean legends - you can find everything here to feel yourself on the verge of enjoyment.

 At the beginning of the game you are offered to create your character which you can control during the whole game. Game developers offer you 4 races, each of them has a different appearance and their own possibilites of skill development. However, the correct way to develop your character will depend only on personal gamer skills and chosen strategy, as well as on the amount of gained experience and skills.

In order to constantly win in quests, a chracter must have a decent equipment and powerful weapons. All this can be earned on your own, but then you'll have to sacrifice the most important thing - time. Not every player can spend 2-3 weeks just on power leveling. In this case, gamers turn to a gold purchase from different services which offer it. One of the ways to obtain new equipment and weapons is BNS gold which is either acquired by hard work or by active buying.

Problem of any MMORPG game

Like in any other game of this genre, earning gold in Blade and Soul is a very problematic task. Of course, each gamer can collect a small amount of game currency on his own, but it is just a chicken feed, and won't do you any good. 

It's not a secret that one of the most favorite parts of games made by Korean developers is specifically gold farming, when for a certain amount of game currency player can dress up his character in a great equipment and give him the most powerful weapon. All this drastically simplifies the game, thereby making it more and more interesting for you, because your character will slowly become one of the most powerful.

For newcomers, and also for those who became tired of waiting, exist special services which offer to sell BNS gold for those who really need it. If you constantly complain about a lack of gaming currencym then you will like such service and you'll find your lifeline in it, saving yourself from a tiresome and dull gaming routine.

Start to make money on your favorite game

BNS gamers can sell gold, as well as purchase it. Just think about how great it would be to not only devote your leisure time to your favorite game but also make additional profit from it?

If you are grimly determined to make money from selling BNS gold, then first of all you will need to find a suitable website for salesmanship. Quite often on forums we can see messages from gamers who ask where to sell gold for playbns.com at a good price. Lucky enough, our service happens to be the exact place where gamers sale thei spare gold, and we are always ready to offer the gamers all coinciding guarantees for constant buying of a game currency, with regular settlements. Currently this is very important, because there are lots of frauds in the web nowadays, who always want to cheat our fellow honest gamer and take his fruit of labor away, on which he spent lots of real and in-game time. All settlement are sent via any payment systems comfortable for you. 

Important momments for BNS gold suppliers who want to start copperating with our service:

  • We do not make any deferrals or prepayments (all deals are made only upon the supply of gold by our employees). About all the guarantees of cooperation's accountability and our trustworthiness you can read in a corresponding section of our website, and also in the Review section of our website, where gamers who already cooperated with our service had left their comments.
  • Don't try to sell us BNS gold that was acquired illegally. If you hacked someone's account or had recourse to bots, then just don't waste your and our time. Our employees are highly qualified and they are able to tell if the gold on the offered account was acquired legally or not.
  • Purchase of game currency by our service has no fixed prices. There is no need to constantly bother our operators with questions about the prices for game currency. You can wait a long time for an answer to such same-type questions. We respond only epon cooperation and we are always ready to have a fruitful collaboration with serious gamers who have long-time gold supply in their minds.

Each of the suppliers who wants to sell Blade and Soul gold and collabrate with our service is obliged with the following:

  • Completing all orders in the shortest time possible. After all required data is available, you will need to fulfill your part of agreement, and we - ours. If a supplier exceeds the allotted time, cooperation can be terminated automatically.
  • When transferring game currency, you must always make screenshots in order to provide us with them upon request of our operators. To make our collaboration mor comfortable, use the following programs for making screenshots: ssmaker, clip2net or qip shop.
  • The supplier is held fully liable for gold supply .
  • Our service has an advantage before suppliers and handles settlements only after a client has fulfilled his part of agreement.

Abiding by these uncomplicated moments, each gamer can not only play his favorite game on a new level, but also make decent money on it. If you are still looking where to sell BNS gold, there's no need to rack your brains, the answer is obvious - just visit our website.

We appreciate our constant suppliers and approach the individually. Use the benefits of our service for Blade and Soul and other famous MMORPG right now!