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Games → Guild Wars II

Buy Guild Wars 2 gold and order power leveling

Guild Wars 2 is a popular multiplayer game where players fight for the kingdoms of Ascalon and Kryta in real time. GW2 is a sequel to the famous MMORPG by ArenaNet and here, like in the previous part gamers will have to rack their brains on where to buy GW2 gold and what to buy for it afterwards. As before, the player will enthusiastically spectate after the action in the game and the scenario, futher development of which depends merely on the gamers alone. This is the main feature of the game and this is what differs it from other massive gaming shells, where quests are programmed by developers beforehand. 

What's new in Guild Wars 2

  • History takes players back few centuries after the events of Guild Wars 1. In the years gone by Tyria's life has changes a lot. More specifically:
  • A new option of selecting the race has been added. Three additional races have also been introduced - severe Norn, Asura dwarves and forest inhabitants known as Sylvari. And also a non-playable race of characters, one of which are belligerent and dreadful centaurs. They cannot be played by the gamers, but they make characters' lives drastically complicated.
  • Lists of characters from the first part are topped up with humanoid lizards: charrs, who were the main opponents of humans in the univers of the first part of Guild Wars.
  • GW2 game space has become sole and subdivided into different worlds. Player can start the game in one of the worlds and, if desired, join the army of any other world any moment.
  • There is an alternation of day and night in the game now, and when the time is right a player can observe the most beautiful virtual sunsets and sunrises. Also there are climate changes in the game now - it can rain, a hurricane can start or any other natural cataslyms may occur. This makes the game even more exciting.
  • Ambience and characters' actions have become more clear and realistic. For example, characters can easily jump over objects now, swim across rivers and lakes. Found objects, such as sticks and stones, can now be used in the fight. It doesn't mean basic skills, weapons and magic fade into insignificance. But imagine, how unpredictable can the battle turn out, when a player can be saved from defeat by a simple stone.
  • In Guild Wars 2 narrative quests were implemented, where players compete one on one with artificial intelligence. If this seems to be a boring activity, the user can create a coalition of gamers to complete such quests - completing tasks in alliance with other users is a lot cooler and more interesting. By the way, some quests can be completed only under specific climatic conditions and only in a specific daytime.
  • At the very beginning of the game a player can select one of the variants of a prologue or background for his character. This choice will consequently influence the stories of narrative quests.
  • Players can encounter each other in PvP battle only if their characters are of an equal strength and experience. Characters of different levels and equipment classes cannot fight against each other.

About resources and currency in GW2

An important part in Guild Wars 2 is given to resources needed for various gaming processes, GW2 gold is not cancelled and still remains crucial in the game, but here are other resources as well. Where to get the resources needed:

  • Ore, wood and plants - these resources are scattered around the place and their location is marked by corresponding icons on the map. To collect them, character needs certain tools, such as pickaxe, axe and sickle, which can be found at any merchant's.
  • Bonuses from mobs - important ingerdients which drop from mobs. Most often these are blue resources, used by different characters' professions. List of professions can be seen in the description of each item.
  • Pouches - also drop from mobs. In pouches you can find armor, tools and other resources.
  • Salvaging - taking unimportant trash to pieces. Player can get lucky and find useful and even rare items amidst such trash. To start salvaging you need to have specific tools. The most simple Salvage Kit player obtains on the beginning level in GW2, and in the process of the game you can buy various other kits from merchants. 

Currency of Guild Wars 2 is gold. GW2 gold opens a multitude of unbeliavable abilities before the player. You can get lacking items, any tools and weapons, armor and accessories, or, putting it shortly, leveling up your character in GW2 and buying gold, which is available for purchase on our website and can easily let you reach desirable results, taking your character to the highest levels, where the game is the most interesting and exciting as can be. Any gamer an purchase gold. Apart from that our website provides warranties.

How to buy gold for Guild Wars 2? Just choose a sum of gold you require and click "Buy". Make a payment via any convenient payment method and get the game currency instantly on your account. To buy gold on our website means to provide yourself and easy victory in Guild Wars 2.

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Guild Wars 2 - unique and breathtaking universe, where brave heroes must constantly fight and struggle against hordes of evil, which tries to capture and destroy magic game world. Each of combats is individual and each of them is interesting in its own way, For every combat gamer achieves different kinds of equipment and gold, that can be exchanged for useful items and to make the game easier, and also more exciting and interesting. Buy GW2 gold means not only to become richer, but to make your character more powerful and stronger than others. Millions of gamers all over the world compete with each other in Guild Wars 2, and you will be able to shoe them what you are made of too, for this you just need to give the game a certain amount of time or money.

Traditional game currency in the world of Guild Wars 2

Gold is the game currency that is quite common for all gamers acquainted with MMORPG. Game currency is almost always called gold in fantasy worlds, excluding a few projects liek Aion (kinah), Lineage (adena), Sjyforge (credits). GW2 gold is always necessary to have and it's lack can sometimes be drastic. Like in other similar games each gamer can get gold with his honest and hard work, spending lots of his free time on it. Some gamers find it quite natural and fascinating, others get bored of monotonous actions and the game becomes unbearable for them. In this case, on a certain stage 2 questions appear before the player: to buy Guild Wars 2 gold or to quit playing. Many players choose to quit the boring task, but many overcome their internal struggle and pride and start their way to the top with the help of our services, which provide facilities, such as buying and selling game currency in any amounts. Guild Wars 2 gold is a way to change all the structure of the game, the style of the game, become stronger and more powerful. You must admit that it's much more pleasant to play constantly winning, neither being defeated time and time again.

Beyond the borders of the city

A hallmark of GW2 is a fact that outside the city gamers make their way to another world. Process of power leveling was simplified by developers at maximum and they made it so that gamers won't meet each other in the open world. You can only fight NPC on your own. If you want to consider this situation from one side, it's a great plus, because nobody would steal or leech on your experience points. Also stronger characters won't bully weaker newbies that still don't know how to buy GW2 gold.

Many other games give an opportunity to find friends who have already reached a certain level of success in the game, who could become your companions and protectors. With such friends it's not scary to hit at the territory of a strong enemy, wait until your friend deals with him and in the very end finish the task with a killing blow. Well, there is no such opportunity in GW2 and making your headway is only up to you.

Purchase GW2 gold and be secure against boring farming at the very beginning of the game. You will instantly be able to dress out your character to the last word in the military fashion. YOu can easily equip your character in the most powerful armor which is allowed for your character's level. Take the most powerful weapon and equip your character with various potions which contribute to an easier and simpler game. Mmake it so that your foes could have no chance for salvation. Crush and destroy them, because you've earned it.

To earn or to buy?

Each golden coin obtained in battles against NPCs is an additional opportunity to develop your character in a strong and manly fighter. Game currency opens the widest horizons before the gamer. You can buy armor and ammunition, weapons for gold and also with money it's quite easier to find new allies, who can help you rank amongst the unbeatable. To become the strongest you have to conform to this title completely, from weapons to ammunition, which makes a player think again about purchasing game currency. To buy GW2 gold is reality now, and everybody faces it, so the sooner gamer dares buying, the sooner he starts playing for real instead of struggling.

Of course, you can earn the needed amount of gold on your own, but how many months are you ready to waste for this? Gold farming does not attract anybody anymore, because there has never been a player to enjoy this dull activity.

Reliable and trustworthy supplier of Guild Wars 2 game currency

Buying game currency with the help of our service, you make a step towards a new, interesting and capturing game. In the next few minutes after submission of the order, gold gets transfered to your game account, and after that you will be able to start the game anew. To buy Guild Wars 2 gold is very easy, and what's more important, it's profitable. When purchasing game currency, our website provides you the following warranties:

  • The highest speed of conducting operations;
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We offer our services for experienced players as well as for newbies. Sometimes an advanced players simply wants to refill his in-game resources to perform power leveling further. By the way, power leveling in GW2 is another unique service provided by our website. The most experienced gamers with vast knowledge of MMORPGs will perform power leveling for your character. Our experts will cope with the task that takes a newbie about a month only in a few days, and this is what makes the chance to play on a higher level real.

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Begin to make your own history

The game's diversity allows each gamer to build up his own game scenario, on the basis of one that was already thought through or the one that is just being in creation. We can ensure you that the sooner you decide to purchase GW2 gold, the sooner you start to enjoy your game for real, which turned out to be available for a certain sum of real money.