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  • Help of our qualified consultants;
  • Achievement of the desired results;
  • You can have the best game experience with our services.

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If you are not satisfied with the speed of power leveling, we can do it two times faster, but the price will also be two times higher.

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Power leveling speed depends on the following: class, items, in-game social status.

Important: Try to interrupt the power leveling process less often, because frequent interruptions lead to a significant level up speed drop!

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Level up setting Price per 1 level Est. time per 1 level
My level now 1 to 20 40 RUB ~ less than a hours
My level now 20 to 40 70 RUB ~ 2 hours
My level now 40 to 60 90 RUB ~ 3 hours
My level now 60 to 70 130 RUB ~ 2 hours
My level now 70 to 80 180 RUB ~ 3 hours
Level up setting Price per 1 level Est. time per 1 level
My level now 1 to 20 0.68$ ~ less than a hours
My level now 20 to 40 1.19$ ~ 2 hours
My level now 40 to 60 1.53$ ~ 3 hours
My level now 60 to 70 2.21$ ~ 2 hours
My level now 70 to 80 3.06$ ~ 3 hours
Level up setting Price per 1 level Est. time per 1 level
My level now 1 to 20 0.84€ ~ less than a hours
My level now 20 to 40 1.47€ ~ 2 hours
My level now 40 to 60 1.89€ ~ 3 hours
My level now 60 to 70 2.73€ ~ 2 hours
My level now 70 to 80 3.78€ ~ 3 hours
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Guild Wars 2 power leveling - MMORPG without donations and subscriptions

The first thing gamers pay attention to when they start playing the new MMORPG is the donation system, is there one? In Guild Wars 2 the most friendly and correct payment model is implemented that a player could ever imagine. Buy-to-Play means that if you bought the game once, then you can play it as long is you like.

Even before the game was released, the whole world was talking about some paid DLC, but for more than a year of the game's existence, the developers did not take a single penny from players. The developers have honestly given the new content.

Another important moment is that the game has something similar to a game shop, which still differs from the likes of it. This way, all in-game items which can be bought in the shop, influence the game progress in no way and won't make your character richer or stronger. Visual upgrades are sold there, generally speaking.

About system requirements of Guild Wars 2

The developers from ArenaNet have designed a game which can be played even by owners of weaker computers. The game includes a huge amount of sound and graphic options, which allow to use all possible combinations of performance and quality. 

About creation of your character

Each of Guild Wars 2 servers can be related to "home world" region. Each of the characters created on the account will belong only yo its home region selected in the very beginning of the game. There is an ability to switch both game world and game server (for a certain fee). Also you can simply abandon your characters on your account by deleting them. There's also a guest mode in Guild Wars 2, where you'll be able to play on any other server each day.

The only thing you cannot do is to take a part in WvW outside of the home region. 

You must notice that characters that are on different sides of the server can create their own groups and also communicate and explore the dungeons together. There is no need to gather on a single server. 

After a player chooses a race, class and appearance, he has to fill out a certain form, where some questions are asked, and answers to them will be crucial in terms of defining your character's personal storyline.

If you make parallels with other MMORPGs, in this game it really matters how you respond to certain questions.

About the need to level up your character

As in any other game, power leveling in Guild Wars 2 is quite a difficult and time-consuming task, which is so monotonous that some players even give up on game. Handleveling in GW2 is a hard task to cope with, even if you already have good experience in MMORPG games.

Our service is created in order to help those players who for some reason can not level up their characters properly. Some may simply have no time for power leveling, some may not know how and what exactly is to be done. But they all pursue one goal - to start playing and get a true pleasure from the game. You have come to the right place and after power leveling you will be able to start playing a new, interesting and colorful game of Guild Wars 2.

What does Guild Wars 2 power leveling give?

Power leveling in GW2 means fight your enemies as equals. To become truly powerful, you have to possess an immaculate armor and the strongest weapon. A great amount of experience is very important, too. Asking us for help is a solution for all your problems once and for all. After power leveling great opportunities will open in front of you - resources, better artifacts, better armor and a reputation of powerful player.

If you don't have enough time for your personal life, but you still want to play your favorite game, then GW2 power leveling will be your lifesaver, because experts will be dealing with your character, and you will only need to receive your improved character and start playing on the next level. Be sure that your order will be completed by top players - tournament winners, who spent years to reach their highest levels. Just in a week our experts will do things you would spend month on. 

Also another important thing is a fact that by ordering power leveling from us you free yourself from monotonous and routinous work. Believe, in this game very difficult and complicated tasks will stand in your way. Opening new opportunities and routinous work in terms of gaining experience only scare gamers off from the game and impression gets ruined, interest vecomes lost and players simply quit. Power leveling in Guild Wars 2 from our experts fixes everything back and returns color to the game. We will level up your character's job and karma, increase his level and reputation, using only our own resources without any bots or forbidden third-party-related ways.

Power leveling in Guild Wars 2 is what will make you stronger without useless waste of time and force.

To start cooperating with us you have to satisfy the following requirements:

  • Give our experts your log-in and password data on the account you want the power leveling to be done;
  • You have to have an equipment that is appropriate for your level;
  • Power levelin starts the next day after the order is maid and paid for.

Buy GW2 gold - it's an opportunity to start playing anew. Just use this chance and you won't ever remember about an endless farming.