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GamesLineAge2 Classic → Power leveling
Benefits of our website
  • Safe services guaranteed;
  • Low prices;
  • Short-time delivery;
  • Absolute confidentiality;
  • Ability to control order processing;
  • If you are not satisfied with our service, you will be refunded;
  • Help of our qualified consultants;
  • Achievement of the desired results;
  • You can have the best game experience with our services.

To perform this service your log-in and password are required.

Power leveling is done without any additional software. 

  1. Your character will be assigned to a person.
  2. Any drop acquired during the process will stay in the character's inventory.
  3. Usually our working hours for power leveling are 9:00 - 20:00 (CET). The rest of the time the character is at your disposal. You can always log in and see the process to yourself. In order to do that, ask our operator beforehand to know if your character is available.
  4. You can track progress status of your order via Skype, ICQ or online helper. You can check the progress of power leveling at any time.
  5. If during the process power leveling your character loses any item or equipment, it will be recompensed.
  6. Our staff is completely trustworthy. These employees work in our office and they are time proved.
  7. If we can't complete your order for any reason, we will contact you immediately and return your money.
  8. You can request a link for Stream and spectate the handleveling progress from your PC and feel secure for your character (Beta Test).

Contact operator

Important: Try to interrupt the power leveling process less often, because frequent interruptions lead to a significant level up speed drop!

Select server
Select the type of character
Enter the initial level
Enter the final level
Choose a character class
Enter your nickname in the game
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Cost: 0 RUB
Prices in: rubles dollars euros
Level up setting Price per 1 level Est. time per 1 level
My level now 1 to 10 70 RUB ~ 2 hours
My level now 10 to 15 150 RUB ~ 3 hours
My level now 15 to 20 180 RUB ~ 6 hours
My level now 20 to 25 420 RUB ~ 1 days
My level now 25 to 30 500 RUB ~ 1 - 2 days
My level now 30 to 35 1100 RUB ~ 2 - 4 days
My level now 35 to 40 2200 RUB ~ 4 - 5 days
My level now 40 to 45 4500 RUB ~ 7 - 10 days
Level up setting Price per 1 level Est. time per 1 level
My level now 1 to 10 1.19$ ~ 2 hours
My level now 10 to 15 2.55$ ~ 3 hours
My level now 15 to 20 3.06$ ~ 6 hours
My level now 20 to 25 7.14$ ~ from 1 to 1 days
My level now 25 to 30 8.50$ ~ 1 - 2 days
My level now 30 to 35 18.70$ ~ 2 - 4 days
My level now 35 to 40 37.40$ ~ 4 - 5 days
My level now 40 to 45 76.50$ ~ 7 - 10 days
Level up setting Price per 1 level Est. time per 1 level
My level now 1 to 10 1.47€ ~ 2 hours
My level now 10 to 15 3.15€ ~ 3 hours
My level now 15 to 20 3.78€ ~ 6 hours
My level now 20 to 25 8.82€ ~ from 1 to 1 days
My level now 25 to 30 10.50€ ~ 1 - 2 days
My level now 30 to 35 23.10€ ~ 2 - 4 days
My level now 35 to 40 46.20€ ~ 4 - 5 days
My level now 40 to 45 94.50€ ~ 7 - 10 days
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22 February 2017
Спасибо за помощь! Как всегда, без обмана, сайт остается единственным нормально функционирующим.
Buy: LineAge2 Classic → Gran Kain 2000000 adena
16 February 2017
Как всегда, на высоте, с бонусами, за небольшую задержку (о которой заранее честно было сказано) - сумма даже чуть больше, мелочь - а приятно!)))
Buy: LineAge2 Classic → Gran Kain 2000000 adena
30 January 2017
Пока убеждаюсь, что этот сайт единственный, кто честно и оперативно работает, молодцы!)
Buy: LineAge2 Classic → Gran Kain 2000000 adena
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Power leveling in Lineage 2 Classic

Lineage II Classic or simply LA2C - MMORPG with stunning graphics. Lineage 2 Classic - the game filled with fantastic characters and ineffable ambience. Power leveling in l2 classic is as difficult and interesting as in other similar games, but this is not to the game's disadvantage, but more likely otherwise. Dynamic fights and battles full of hardcore await the player in game. On game's official website it says that this game perfectly suits those who always goes for the hard way, and it truly is so, because there's no place for the weak!

Every gamer who starts to play MMORPG want it all here and now. But 90% of the players already at the beginning of the game understand that nothing's that easy and there won't be any easy strolls around the dangerous areas for them. In the end, the gamer either continues playing, trying hard for the victory each time, or quits the game without being able to enjoy this excellent atmoshpere of the game. The strongest player wins the game, or the one who gets help form mor experienced friends.

There's nothing easier!

If you do not want to spend your precious time, sitting at the PC for hours. If you want to rest and pay more attention to your privacy, but still willing for your character to develop. If you want to become the strongest without lifting a finger. You're not crazy, and we have something for you.

Our website offers services for our gamers who don't have enough time to do the power leveling of their character themselves in Lineage 2. Thus you only need to order power leveling in Lineage 2 Classic, which will make your character strong and mighty. We provide our services to all gamers absolutely. It doesn't matter if you're a newbie or a Lineage guru, what matters is that you all are united by a single purpose - to become the strongest and make your game easier.

We offer to get rid of a tiresome process of power leveling, and give the task to the gamers with long-time experience. We will do everything for you in exchange for a little money reward.

To give us your character for power leveling, you have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must not log into your in-game account during the time when the order is being completed to avoid confusions;
  • For the duration of the order completion, your account must have  a premium access;
  • All items you'd like to save for yourself have to be trasferred to another account for their safety.

As you can see, everything is simple, and now you can easily order power leveling in la2 classic.


Early stages of power leveling

The most difficult part of power leveling process is, of course, the beginning, when your character is yet not developed at all and you don't possess enought time to improve it. With our service your character will undergo unbelieavable transformations only in a few days. The price for power leveling will depend on how far you want to go. The higher the level, the higher the price.

To order power leveling in la2 means to order the handleveling service for your character, because we do not use any bots or forbidden methods. Our support team works 24/7 and you can check the progress of your character at any time, as well as other details on your order.

It's normal to want to be the first, especially when it comes to games, where millions of gamers compete with each other and it's quite difficult to outstand.

Power leveling for GoldKinar is:

  • Complete character's safety, as our service is long-time trustworthy;
  • Affordable prices, scary to nobody;
  • Immediate order completion;
  • Personal touch for every client;
  • Ability to contril and track order completion;
  • Refund ability if our services did not satisfy you.

Be sure that power leveling in la2 classic is worth trying, if you don't want to get lost in the crowd of millions of gamers. Remember, only those become successful who put efforts into it.

Make your choice and order power leveling on our website. Simplicity of an order submission will amamze you, because there's no need to conclude a contract, just fill out an order form, pay for it and almost instantly our experienced professional gamers will begin to work. Order payment is done via electronic payment systems, of which there are more than 40.

Now you know how to order power leveling in la2 and we are sure that you will come again more than once!