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22 February 2017
Спасибо за помощь! Как всегда, без обмана, сайт остается единственным нормально функционирующим.
Buy: LineAge2 Classic → Gran Kain 2000000 adena
16 February 2017
Как всегда, на высоте, с бонусами, за небольшую задержку (о которой заранее честно было сказано) - сумма даже чуть больше, мелочь - а приятно!)))
Buy: LineAge2 Classic → Gran Kain 2000000 adena
30 January 2017
Пока убеждаюсь, что этот сайт единственный, кто честно и оперативно работает, молодцы!)
Buy: LineAge2 Classic → Gran Kain 2000000 adena
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Order Second Job Class Transfer in Lineage II Classic

Fantasy world of the Lineage II game is a multilevel virtual space uniting players from all parts of the world, carried away with one mission. According to NCSoft data L2 has already united more than 19 million gamers. Lineage 2 was created by Korean developers as a prequel to the first part of the game, and the events take the player back 150 million years.

About Lineage II

L2 differs by its envision from other online multiplayer games. It has no large-scale clan wars as AION or other conflict scenarios. It is possible to create up to 7 characters on one account, creating various race and class combinations. There are two game systems at player's option: PvE (Player versus Environment) and PvP (Player versus Player)

In Lineage 2 the main emphasis is made on a social dimension. This way player is hard to cope with tasks on his own on midlevels already, and on higher levels you literally have to unite players in groups. Groups of players successfully hunt for bigger and more dangerous monsters and get more profits respectively. Also duels between groups of players are more exciting and lively.

Lineage 2 currency

As in ony other virtual world, players can not get away from money turnover. L2 currency is adena. You can buy or sell items for adena, character equipment, jewellery, clothes etc. As a tradition of all MMORPG with difficulty level grows character's level, his skills, new opportunities and quests open.

It's not an easy thing to save up money, and this game is no exception. That's why any player carried away with virtual reality can become a millionaire in a few clicks. On our website you can buy adena l2 classic at the most affordable prices, without any efforts to find other sellers. Which benefits does the player get when buying adena?

  • Profitable deal conditions;
  • Instant currency supply for your in-game account;
  • Ability to use any desired payment method;
  • Protection from fraud and adena delivery guarantee.

We do what others can only dream of!

The main act of Lineage 2 is a human. Human races are divided into classes and jobs. La2 job is the defining quality of a character.

It's quite difficult to get a job in la2 and even it takes a lot of time even for advanced gamers. Our service will come to the rescue when you're caught in jam with the second job class transfer.

To make a deal you'll only have to fill out a corresponding form on our website, and after that our specialists will be able to make all your dreams come true in the shortest time possible. We know how to perform a second job class transfer in 3 hours. THis is possible not only theoretically. We know much more about Lineage2 Classic than other advanced players. These knowledge and skills help us to execute secong job class transfer on the highest level and in the shortest period of time.

Power leveling

Power leveling in L2 is easy until you hit the first job class transfer. Any more or less sane gamer can walk through 40 levels without wasting a lot of time for it. Power leveling up to first job class transfer requires no financial investments, as on these levels player obtains skills and abilities. After level 40 there comes a second class transfer.

Second job class transfer in lineage 2 is not an easy thing to do. It's quite difficult to complete quests for the second job class transfer. To get the second job you have to kill a significant amount of mobs, find rare items and collect a few sets, and what occurs quite often, get in line with players who kill the quest-monster. By the game rules you can level up your character without completing a second job class transfer quest. But any player can order the completion of this quest for real money.

Our website offers job class transfers at the most beneficiary prices. Apart from that player can get an additional bonus using our special offers, which make the purchase twice more pleasant. Don't waste your time on wlaking through the dull stages of the game where there's no fun. You are only a few clicks away from a perfect game in L2.

Our benefits:

  • Availability;
  • Special offers;
  • Guaranteed delivery;
  • 24/7 service;
  • 24/7 support.

How to order a second job class transfer on our website?

Ordering a class transfer is a shortcut to the breathtaking fantasy world of Lineage just in a few hours after registration. Our service is a reliable partner in the world of virtual gaming purchases. Ordering a class transfer is the simplest operation.

How to order a class transfer:

  • Player must register and log into his account;
  • Choose the desired class transfer on our website;
  • Pay for an order via any convenient payment method.

After that you can feel the perfection of leveled character and enjoy the dynamic of the virtual world of Lineage 2.