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  • Your account is protected from any seizure by administration of the game.

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22 February 2017
Спасибо за помощь! Как всегда, без обмана, сайт остается единственным нормально функционирующим.
Buy: LineAge2 Classic → Gran Kain 2000000 adena
16 February 2017
Как всегда, на высоте, с бонусами, за небольшую задержку (о которой заранее честно было сказано) - сумма даже чуть больше, мелочь - а приятно!)))
Buy: LineAge2 Classic → Gran Kain 2000000 adena
30 January 2017
Пока убеждаюсь, что этот сайт единственный, кто честно и оперативно работает, молодцы!)
Buy: LineAge2 Classic → Gran Kain 2000000 adena
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Wanna make real money on virtual game? You have that opportunity now, because sell adena la2 classic with our service is easy and quite profitable.

An ordinary man probably won't understand at once, what adena sale is and why so many players need it. Thousands of gamers write posts on forums about how badly they need adena, and some even write that they've got too much of it and they're ready to get rid of it for a certain sum of real money.

Adena is the main currency in the world famous MMORPG Lineage 2. Without adena gamer can do practically nothing. Game currency helps to develop faster, conduct power leveling, buy new armor and weapons for him. Logic is such that the more adena player has, the quicker his character's development will go and the stronger he'll become later. Character's power is also control and victories in multiple battles, high rating and plenty of other advantages unavailable to other, "poor" gamers.

Whether you buy or sell - there are no problems!

You can either sell adena la2 classic, or buy it. Our website offers services of game currency purchase as well as its sale, therefore catering all gamers and Lineage 2 admirers. Believe that there's nothing more saturated and interesting than a qualitative leisure time in your favorite game, when your character can compete with his enemies and fight everybody back.

If you possess spare adena, then sell adena for l2c won't be any problem. The main thing is that all the amount of adena must be earned manually by yourself, without usage of any third-party software or bots forbidden by administration.

What to do with spare adena in Lineage 2 Classic?

If you have spare adena and you are in the search for a selling market, pay attention to our website then. You can make either a one-time supply, or become our constant supplier. We will make all your wishes and dreams come true and you'll only have to play and get as much game currency as possible.

You can sell adena in L2 Classic in the shortest period of time, because we offer a fast redeem of your game currency. To become one of our constant suppliers and receive mailing lists, you have to visit our website and contact our operator who will tell you further instructions.

Our service appreciates each of our clients and partners and approaches each of them individually, but that doesn't mean that we'll start cooperating right after your first plea. To establish adena supply you need to undergo a few tests. Please understand us, lots of people can hack accounts these days and we also try to fight it. How do we do it? For the least, we don't let dishonest gamers make real money on the game currency exchange. We message administrators of the game, telling about the person who hacked someone else's account and this request is considered quite quickly, therefore we prevent any illegal manipulations with game currency. Our specialists invented a specific system which at least a little prevents us from illegal purchases. If you've got rejected with purchase on our website, it doesn't mean that you're dishonest or there'll be sanctions towards you. Maybe you just didn't befit our requirements and you'll succeed with somebody else instead. It happens sometimes that our server also has too much adena and we may ask you to supply us later, but quite often gamers don't want to wait and try to get rid of their spare adena as fast as they can.

We need constant suppliers

We offer services for those who buy adena in lineage 2 classic and for those who sell it. Currently we are interested in honest and constant adena and gold suppliers. You have a unique opportunity to become out constant supplier and achieve certain benefits from cooperation with us. If you want to sell us adena, you'll need:

  • Save up a certain amount of your honestly earned adena on your game account;
  • Be open to receiving payments for adena via the most popular payment methods (Webmoney, Qiwi, Yandex.Money etc.);
  • Show the desire to cooperate fruitfully and meet the minimum requirements of our service for adena sale.

Just contact our operator via online-chat and find out more details about this service. Before you decide to sell adena, you must be ready for our requirement to tell us details about the deal:

  • Server where you want to sell adena;
  • Amount of adena you currently possess;
  • Supply frequency (one-time or constant).

How the deal happens?

The first deal is the most important and it's quite obvious that we'd like to test you. As Lineage 2 currently has some vulnerabilities, there's a chance of meeting "dirty" adena in game as well. We don't want any problems so we insist on you offering us honestly earned adena. If you hacked someone's account and stole his/her game currency, if you used bots, if you resell adena - then just don't waste our time, all the cunning ones are rejected immediately!

You can read about our warranties in the special section of our website. Also you can read reviews left by our clients after every successful cooperation. Prices for adena purchase are not given as they may differ in terms of the kind of a deal.

If you will abide by these easy rules, we can save time and make deals on the most profitable conditions for all parties.

Want to get rid of spare adena? Welcome! Our staff will happily start a new collaboration with our new suppliers and try not to disappoint nabody with the prices. We know that game currency income is quite a hard thing to do and that's why we offer a good price for your hard work.