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Power leveling speed depends on the following: class, items, in-game social status.

  • Your character will be assigned to a person.
  • Usually our working hours for power leveling are 9:00 - 20:00 (CET). The rest of the time the character is at your disposal. You can always log in and see the process to yourself. In order to do that, ask our operator beforehand to know if your character is available.
  • You can track progress status of your order via Skype, ICQ or online helper. You can check the progress of handleveling of your character at any time.
  • Our staff is completely trustworthy. These employees work in our office and they are time proved.

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My level now 1 to 10 20 RUB ~ less than a hours
My level now 10 to 20 50 RUB ~ less than a hours
My level now 20 to 30 75 RUB ~ 2 hours
My level now 30 to 40 150 RUB ~ 2.5 hours
My level now 40 to 50 200 RUB ~ 3 hours
My level now 50 to 60 250 RUB ~ 4 hours
My level now 60 to 70 350 RUB ~ 4 hours
My level now 70 to 80 450 RUB ~ 5 hours
My level now 80 to 90 550 RUB ~ 5.5 hours
My level now 90 to 100 600 RUB ~ 7 hours
Level up setting Price per 1 level Est. time per 1 level
My level now 1 to 10 0.34$ ~ less than a hours
My level now 10 to 20 0.85$ ~ less than a hours
My level now 20 to 30 1.28$ ~ 2 hours
My level now 30 to 40 2.55$ ~ 2.5 hours
My level now 40 to 50 3.40$ ~ 3 hours
My level now 50 to 60 4.25$ ~ 4 hours
My level now 60 to 70 5.95$ ~ 4 hours
My level now 70 to 80 7.65$ ~ 5 hours
My level now 80 to 90 9.35$ ~ 5.5 hours
My level now 90 to 100 10.20$ ~ 7 hours
Level up setting Price per 1 level Est. time per 1 level
My level now 1 to 10 0.42€ ~ less than a hours
My level now 10 to 20 1.05€ ~ less than a hours
My level now 20 to 30 1.58€ ~ 2 hours
My level now 30 to 40 3.15€ ~ 2.5 hours
My level now 40 to 50 4.20€ ~ 3 hours
My level now 50 to 60 5.25€ ~ 4 hours
My level now 60 to 70 7.35€ ~ 4 hours
My level now 70 to 80 9.45€ ~ 5 hours
My level now 80 to 90 11.55€ ~ 5.5 hours
My level now 90 to 100 12.60€ ~ 7 hours
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19 September 2016
Пользовался услугами дважды. В первый раз случилась задержка на день, за неимением свободного поставщика. Во-второй, всё было сделано в течении 10мин. Консультант всегда на связи, никуда не пропадает.
Buy: Path of Exile → (EU) Hardcore Harbringer 10 orb
18 April 2016
Быстро, четко , всем советую , 5 баллов!! -_-
Buy: Path of Exile → (EU) Hardcore Harbringer 2 orb
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Path of Exile power leveling

Path of Exile is a multiplayer online game of 'hack and slash' genre from Zelanian developers - Grinding Gear Games. Current project sparked interest all over the world at the early stages of testing. By that time only limited amount of people was able to test the game, but when OBT started, the interest for Path of Exile became only stronger. When a new MMORPG ocmes out, players don't expect much crom it not to get disappointed, and only after they play the notorious game, they can evaluate it for its worth. Jumping a bit ahead it is worth mentioning that Path of Exile power leveling is an expensive affair both in terms of time and patience, as the progress is slow and quite unsatisfying. So if you still have decided  playing on you own from the very start, then you have to brace yourself for hard trials to come.

Order POE power leveling

So what makes this game differ from others? The thing is that Path of Exile is reminiscent of Diablo II, which was interesting, dark and beloved by millions of gamers all over the world.

The game plot is quite simple and clear. The protagonist with his companions suffer a shipwreck and end up on an extremely dangerous continent, filled with different zombies and creatures. POE power leveling is quite a common thing. You run aroung the game world and explore locations, which are generated at random. Complete the quests and collect weapons and equpiment. On your way you will encounter a lot of monsters and bosses, explore different dungeons and discover new places.

In the game a player will feel a sad and grim atmosphere, as it was in Diablo. But Path of Exile also has its own distinctive features, of which there are two. 

First of all, the role system of character's development is quite worth mentioning. All characteristics and parameters have an automatic growth, but all skills are empowered manually with the help of points. Oddly enough, all skills and abilities in the game are passive and there are about 1000 of them. Evolution tree has a from of a real web, where you will be the one to decide which direction to head. Power leveling in POE will depend on what character you choose in the beginning. Starting to play as Marauder (a warrior whose main focus is strength) in a short period of time you will be able to get to skills of Witch or Templar. Also you wil be able to obtain the skills of Ranger or Duelist. Everything is individual for each player, but this is what makes Path of Exile interesting.

Create your unique fighter

There are also active skills in the game, but the principles of their action is very specific. Active and offensive skills of your character are directly connected with gems of different colors, which can be either bough or obtained in combat. Inlaying certain stones in weapons or armor which match their slots by color, a character can get a certain additional ability. Such slots can be many and stones can be replaced. Therefore, creating a powerful character is not a difficult thing, but the problem is power leveling in Path of Exile.

How to trade in Path of Exile?

All trading process in Path of Exile is built on the principles of exchange. There's no gold or kinah. Instead of them artifacts and scrolls are used, they change equipment's and weapon's characteristics. Giving away something valuable, you get quite a powerful artifact in return. All trash in the game can be also exchanged for something valuable, but you have to be more lucky for that. Power leveling in Path of Exile can be either done on your own, or with help of some services. We are one of such services, and we offer you proffesional power leveling from true experts.

It doesn't stop getting better on this. In Path of Exile you can play in a few modes at once: regular and hardcore, where character's death is irreversible. The whole point of this mode is when a character dies in hardcore mode, he doesn't disappear, but instead becomes accessible in a regular mode. This way you can fear not about the safety of all your items, as they won't disappear without a trace.

To order power leveling for Path of Exile is to order a professional service for your character's development. Doing power leveling on your own may lead to absent-minded actions. But if power leveling will be done by our experts, then you have nothing to fear. We know that many active skills work only with specific weapons, and will take that into account while completing your order.

Never a moment's peace

To deal with your enemies most effectively, entering a party or a clan wouldn't be amiss. POE power levleing will go better and faster having loyal comrades beside.

The most important thing is that you will have fun at all times. This is not Diablo 3 on softcore, when you can't go any further unless you complete it. In Path of Exile gamer instantly dives into the deep of events and he has to complete quite difficult tasks at the very beginning. To order power leveling POE is just a chance to simplify the game on its early stages, so that further playing wouldn't disappoint you. Then you will have a freedom of actions and an unusual trading system. There will be a multitude of battles and combats on your way.

As for real money purchases, basically you order cosmatic improvements: funny animations for your character, beautiful visual effects for weapons or an ability to create and account for multiple characters at once. Path of Exile power leveling service from us is your chance to quickly overcome the most boring part of the game and dash into brutal combats with already leveled character.