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19 September 2016
Пользовался услугами дважды. В первый раз случилась задержка на день, за неимением свободного поставщика. Во-второй, всё было сделано в течении 10мин. Консультант всегда на связи, никуда не пропадает.
Buy: Path of Exile → (EU) Hardcore Harbringer 10 orb
18 April 2016
Быстро, четко , всем советую , 5 баллов!! -_-
Buy: Path of Exile → (EU) Hardcore Harbringer 2 orb
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Sell POE orbs

Many gamers who play modern MMORPG have already had the chance to experience the best of it. If earlier the games were played only for enjoyment, now you can make money on them. Top-gamers of Lineage, TERA, Skyforge, Path of Exile and other games are making real money on games, and quite big ones, too. It's very easy to sell Path of Exile orbs thanks to the our service, which will evaluate your work for its worth. We know how difficult it is to get the game currency and we are ready to pay for it quite big sums.

Path of Exile is a modern MMORPG which which was able to combine all the best traditions of gaming technologies. The developers have implemented a unique trading system, where gamers won't use something common like gold or kinah. The uniqueness mainly is due to the deals being done with the help of a special currency called "orbs". You can buy orbs by selling certain items to different traders. Such items are basically obtained from killing monsters, and the very exchange takes place right in the game.

What's the difference between orbs and gold?

If you compare orbs to other game currency, then you can notice that gold often just lies spare in stock, until its owner decides to sell it. But orbs are something else entirely. They can be useful in the future. For example, you can upgrade your character's equipment with orbs: increase quality and rarity of a weapon, improve item's stats and the number of sockets. Without all this it is impossible to reach perfection in the game, and that's why orbs matter. So, to sell orbs for Path of Exile or to buy them is for you to decide, but anyway it is profitable either for character's power leveleing or in terms of finance for the player himself.

If you're only at the beginning of the gaming path, then the right decision would be to buy orbs for fast and wise power leveling, and if you have already got far enough to get big amounts of orbs on your own, then you've come excatly to the right place. We pay real money for virtual money. Successful players have already found themselves a good side job, or even a main job in some cases.

Only successful players can get Path of Exile orbs in big quantities, by killing plenty of monsters. 

Develop your merchant skills

Apart from a unique plot and and an interesting way of playing, you will be able to improve your merchant skills, too. You will have to learn the prices for desired items and negotiate with other merchants. In the course of negotiations very often you can lower the prices and everything will depend only on your ability to persuade. 

Difficult trading system will require the gamer to spend some time for adapting. This way, it's better to buy game currency in the beginning, to get involved in the game as soon as possible and get the desired items at the very start.

Thinking of where to sell Path of Exile orbs, looking up websites one after another in your browser, you will eventually end up on our website. We happen to be on of the best services provided on the territory of former CIS. Apart from fair prices we pay for your honestly-earned game currency, we are also providing the guarantees that your work will be paid in correspondence with earlier promised prices.

Kill as many monsters as possible, develop your character and then you will be able to add yourself to the list of those lucky men who can sell POE orbs and provide yourself everything necessary in real life.

Path of Exile sell orbs

It is very easy to sell orbs in Path of Exile if you collaborate with our service. To make a deal you will have to contact one of our operators and discuss the details. But remember that we only cooperate with those players, who obtain game currency legitimately. If you use any kind of forbidden software, then better don't waste your and our time. All violators to the law will be found and prosecuted! If you are an honest player, then you have nothing to fear. With such gamers as we are, as a rule, we establish an honest and long-term cooperation, because a reliable and trustworthy supplier is quite valuable in the gaming business.

Path of Exile orbs buying-up is done 24/7. You will be able to get rid of your honestly earned orbs at any time, you just have to give it a few minutes of your time.