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Server name 1000 золото 50000 золото 150000 золото
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24 September 2017
Всё получил быстро спасибо
Buy: Сфера 3 → Альмаерт (PvP) 85000 золото
8 July 2016
Заказал 20к, связался с оператором что б долго не ждать, доставили минуты через 3 после оплаты. Думаю воспользуюсь еще.
Buy: Сфера 3 → Альмаерт (PvP) 20000 золото
18 January 2016
Спасибо! доставили все очень оперативно, будем пользоваться услугами и в будущем!)
Buy: Сфера 3 → Альмаерт (PvP) 135000 золото
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Sphere 3 gold

About 12 years ago internet was set on fire by a MMORPG with a unique name Sphere. Game development is a work of "Nikita Online" team. The game was unbelievably popular on Russian game market. It was quite expected that the game would achieve a sequel. Speaking of the second game, it didn't satsify players' expectations and all hopes of the gamers are connect with Sphere 3 now. This game may become a true rebirth of the greatest game series and it is likely to be so!

Like in previous parts of the game, game currency in the Sphere will be gold. Our website offers to buy gold in Sphere 3 for all gamers who want to simplify their presence in the game and make it more interesting and colorful.

Old school MMORPG

The game can be positioned as an old school MMORPG players oriented, which has interesting plot and exciting quests. In the last part of the game quests were developed by A. Zorich, an author of the many fantasy novels. You will fight an ancient evil. The player will gradually dive into a fantastic atmosphere. There will be lots of buildings and hundreds of unbelievable places on gamer's path.

Sphere 3 gold can help make your character stronger and more powerful. If you have enough gold you can quickly complete level after level, and also fight back even the strongest representatives of the game world.

Third part of Sphere has almost no resemblance with its original, as action is taken to a completely new world, divided into hostile regions, infested with demons, people, dwarves and elves. Neutral region is situated between lands of fractions, where all battles and combats are held. The gamer can choose himself a character from nine existing classes.

 Raising authority among gamers

To purchase gold in Sphere 3 means to make your character more powerful and mighty. The gold that you buy from us will allow you for a faster character power leveling, because you woin't need the time-consuming farming anymore.

Gold prices are affordable for everyone. We constantly monitor MMORPG services' market and try to make our prices maximally affordable and convenient for everyone.

You will be able to find yourself when you buy gold for Sphere 3. If you have eny problems regarding gold purchase, then just contact our online consultant who will answer any question that may occur to you.