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My level now 1 to 10 50 RUB ~ less than a hours
My level now 10 to 20 250 RUB ~ 5 hours
My level now 20 to 30 600 RUB ~ 1 days
My level now 30 to 40 1500 RUB ~ 1 days
Level up setting Price per 1 level Est. time per 1 level
My level now 1 to 10 0.85$ ~ less than a hours
My level now 10 to 20 4.25$ ~ 5 hours
My level now 20 to 30 10.20$ ~ from 1 to 1 days
My level now 30 to 40 25.50$ ~ 1 - 1 days
Level up setting Price per 1 level Est. time per 1 level
My level now 1 to 10 1.05€ ~ less than a hours
My level now 10 to 20 5.25€ ~ 5 hours
My level now 20 to 30 12.60€ ~ from 1 to 1 days
My level now 30 to 40 31.50€ ~ 1 - 1 days
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24 September 2017
Всё получил быстро спасибо
Buy: Сфера 3 → Альмаерт (PvP) 85000 золото
8 July 2016
Заказал 20к, связался с оператором что б долго не ждать, доставили минуты через 3 после оплаты. Думаю воспользуюсь еще.
Buy: Сфера 3 → Альмаерт (PvP) 20000 золото
18 January 2016
Спасибо! доставили все очень оперативно, будем пользоваться услугами и в будущем!)
Buy: Сфера 3 → Альмаерт (PvP) 135000 золото
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Sphere 3 power leveling

True MMORPG veterans probasbly remember the first part of Sphere. This game was oriented on PvP and its design was proving that online games are to be played only by the strongest gamers. Despite this fact, the game was very popular and became on of the most known MMORPG on the CIS territory. A few have passed and "Nikita Online", quite surprisingly for players, offers us to play a new, third part of Sphere. It happens that the game has long been developed by the company and gamers can already check this new game out.

Like in any other games of this genre, you will have to fight in Sphere, get gold and level up your character. By the way, power leveling in Sphere 3 will also be available on our website, so if you don't have enough time to level up your character yourself and you want everything to be done correctly and properly then you are very welcomed by our experts.

First impressions of the game

It's worth saying that third part of the game drastically differs from its predecessors. Sphere 3 has completely another universe where players will feel comfortable and interested. PvP-combats will take part on a huge territory of the virtual world. Free from confrontations and wars will be only few starting locations. The most unbelievable battles can be seen inside castles and right beside them. You will be able to use catapults, ram, and siege towers. Experiments, both in attack and defense, won't leave anybody careless.

But remember that to attack effectively and defend properly you will need a strong and powerful character which is good in battles. It is very easy to order power leveling for Sphere 3 and it is also quite cheap. Making power leveling available for every gamer with self-respect we insistingly recommend to get acquainted with terms and conditions. You will be able to have a new look on the game after power leveling. You will become a force to be reckoned with, and also you won't fear wandering around alone. 

Warranties of qualititative services provision

In comparison with plenty other websites wher they try to fraud gamers, we provide warranties thatks to which you can rely on us and be safe from dishonest cooperation. Sphere 3 power levelin is conducted by our experts manually, without the use of any thrid-party software or bots.

Be sure that we are able to make your game more interesting and exciting, for this we only need to empower and tweak your character a bit, make him more used to the environmnt and then everything will be only in your hands.