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24 September 2017
Всё получил быстро спасибо
Buy: Сфера 3 → Альмаерт (PvP) 85000 золото
8 July 2016
Заказал 20к, связался с оператором что б долго не ждать, доставили минуты через 3 после оплаты. Думаю воспользуюсь еще.
Buy: Сфера 3 → Альмаерт (PvP) 20000 золото
18 January 2016
Спасибо! доставили все очень оперативно, будем пользоваться услугами и в будущем!)
Buy: Сфера 3 → Альмаерт (PvP) 135000 золото
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Sell Sphere 3 gold

Sphere 3 is a new game, a sequel of the popuilar series which must become a true breakthrough in the MMORPG world. Sphere 3 project is one of the most expected nowadays. Gamers wait for third part to come out impatiently. Their desire to enjoy the gaming process is too strong and its strength is quite justified. This game series was quite popular in its time, and the first part of the game even still has its admireres all over the world.

In the new game, like in any other MMORPG you will need to complete quests, tasks, earn gold, and do power leveling. The most successful players will be granted with an opportunity to sell Sphere 3 gold for real money.

Game plot

Once upon a time, ancient scrolls were found, saying about a Sphere of Happiness. Time flows 12 times slower in this Sphere. One Monk by the name of Batist has tried to create such Sphere but everything went wrong and the monk created a world of eternal sufferingm wher time goes by 12 times faster. The created Sphere went across whole Europe and took lots of people, animals and plants with it. After that Sphere fell down into the ocean and sunk. People who got under the water were able to grin and bear the new life, and the monk has proclaimed himself the greatest creator. Gamers will be able to enter this Sphere and help save the world.

Earn on your hobby

If you do power leveling properly, you must have some leftover gold that can be sold to us in exchange for real money. Anybody who wants some soft money can sell gold in Sphere 3.

We highly appreciate gamers' work and we're ready to offer real money for your Sphere 3 gold. Comparing what other servies can offer, we offer better conditions and guarantee complete safety and security of all deals. Be sure that if you choose our website, You will be able not only to level up your character, buy gold, weapons and armor, but to earn money as well. 

If you are with GoldKinar, it won't be a problem for you to sell gold for Sphere 3.