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КалькуляторTalent Calculator



SkyForge Talent Calculator

Skyforge is an MMORPG from Russian developers, from the same team that worked on the development of the world-known game Allods Online.

In a new project the gamer will face developers' innovations, which one will not be able to resist and adore. In the game you will have to come a long way from a young god to an overlord of the Universe. The game has a design, that is likely for a fantasy genre and it looks marvellous, even despite the fact that a character uses axes, swords, spears as weapons. Well, you'll see it yourself. The main objective in Skyforge is cleansing the planet from aliens, which strive to bring death to all living. A Skyforge talent calculator will be of great help to you.

Learning talents and conducting experiments

Skyforge talent and skills calculator is a useful instrument, which is easily acessible on the pages of our website. Our experts have developed a tuning agility of parameters, which allows for experimenting in the search for the best way of power leveling for a certain class. 
Having tried Skyforge talent calculator out you will easily be able to calculate your build and unlock all talents, and also share your builds with your friends. Thanks to a convenient interface you will be able to make everything clear with all the nuances of the calculator quite fast. You will have a unique opportunity of combining specializations and class selection from a list. Also gamers will be able to get links for their Skyforge builds to boast of them in front of their friends.

Skyforge calculator is constantly updated, which makes it only better. Using this necessary tool you will be able to create the best builds for your characters.
Main differences between Skyforge and other MMORPG:

  • Skyforge character is an immortal deity, which cannot but make you happy. All you need is to gather followers and protect them;
  • The game is filled with a huge amount of game classes, among which there are many new in interesting ones;
  • The game has a brand new system of power leveling. Now the gamer doesn't need to pursue experience gain and completing levels;
  • All gamers play on single server in on social network. The game can be played both from PC and from a mobile device. 

Skyforge is a worthy and exciting MMORPG with its own peculiarities that make it attractive even for experienced players.

Making the game easier with our services

Our website offers services for game currency sale for the most famous MMORPGs. We perform power leveling and always strive to create methods of simplifying the game. Buying different game items on our service, your character will be able to become more powerful and strong. But not all services of our website are paid.
Now you have a unique opportunity to create a Skyforge build and share it with your friends. Creating a build has never been so easy, and what's crucial is that all actions can be done centralised now. Talent calculator will become your lifesaver which will come to help in the most difficult moments.
Having tried Skyforge talent calculator you will feel how much easier and more interesting from the very beginning of the game.