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Unlock Alchemist class

This service includes:

  • Unlocking new class
  • Completing primary and secondary quests
  • +2000-4000 prestige points
  • Unlocking talent slots
  • The Order power leveling

Minimum requirements:

  1. Premium account
  2. General atlas is unlocked.

The order takes 5-7 days to complete.


Unlock Alchemist class

Considering all the advantages of this or that class in SkyForge, it is impossible not to become fascinated by Alchemist class, which happens to be one of the most beloved and desired among thousands of gamers. It’s quite difficult to unlock Alchemist class, but having checked him out you will understand that the class is definitely worth it.

Support character

Alchemist is a support character. Behind his back he bears a whole portative laboratory, out of which 2 manipulators stick out. With the help of these manipulators Alchemist can apply various deadly reagents. Thanks to these manipulators, the character can be a trouble in the battlefield. For example, he can spin or fly up, not letting his enemies to get in attack range. Also Alchemist’s arsenal has an opportunity of creating a perfect interaction between fluids, which he can perfuse his enemies with. You can never know what the Alchemist will give you next, some fluids can even cause an explosion on a high scale.

In SkyForge Alchemist is one of the most desired characters, although his support looks quite scary. For example, to make your ally stronger, he can create an aid right in the middle of a fight, giving his ally a backpack with manipulators, which can transfuse a deadly mixture right into enemies’ blood.

Alchemist is very often compared with Lightbinder, who is also a support character. The difference between the two is that the latter uses magic, and Alchemist uses only science. Lightbinder can protect a whole group, while an Alchemist performs a focused support for one ally. In pair with a good PvP fighter this class can make an incredible team that will be truly invincible.

Order to unlock Alchemist

It is very easy to order Alchemist in SkyForge on our website. For this you need just to contact our online-consultant who will tell you how to pay for the service and when approximately will your order be complete. Due to incredible experience, our experts are able to work hard and make thousands of gamers happy in the shortest time possible.

Unlocking Alchemist you will get a truly cool character that possesses a noble and ultimate ability – powerful and fast healing of a whole party. Apart from it, the class has many other abilities. For example, Alchemist can place a terminal on a battlefield, which gives a temporary invulnerability to those who touch it. He can turn all his allies into powerful monsters (but not for long though). It is very difficult to manipulate Alchemist, but his abilities are unique and worth it.

Make your game more interesting and become stronger with the help of our services. We will help you to return interest you once had to this game, making you defeat everyone who stands in your way.