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Unlock Berserker class

This service includes:

  • Unlocking new class
  • Completing primary and secondary quests
  • +2000-4000 prestige points
  • Unlocking talent slots
  • The Order power leveling

Minimum requirements:

  1. Premium account
  2. General atlas is unlocked.

The order takes 5-7 days to complete.


Unlock Berserker class

Berserker is a class for impressive animation and stunning combos admirers. This character will suit those who dreams to turn battles into a rampage. This character is for those who don’t fear anything. To unlock Berserker class means to choose a character that will pull ranks on all the enemies around him.

Many players may face some troubles unlocking this class. This is a merciless warrior that doesn’t imagine his life without wars and battles. A character, who has no notion of fear and mercy - a warrior admired by thousands of gamers playing SkyForge. Berserker can split his enemies in half with his saw-sword

Berserker’s rage

In SkyForge Berserker spends big amounts of fury while dealing blows, and this fury replenishes when out of combat, but only by 50% of maximum. When Berserker starts fighting and receive attacks back, his fury rises to its peak. Right in that moment a character is able to apply his most secret and powerful abilities, dealing drastically big  damage to enemies.

Berserk is a fighter that is good for close fights. He’s not used to hiding behind backs of his allies. He always starts the fight and leads a squad of his followers after himself. In Berserker’s arsenal is a huge amount of different disabling abilities. Due to his heavy swing of the sword he can deal significant damage to a few enemies at once. Due to these skills Berserker feels himself comfortably both in group and solo battles.

Having found out how to unlock Berserker class, you will be able to choose sets of talents and active abilities to your liking. Each of the abilities will definitely have a huge damage against his enemies. Creating the build, you can make attack speed higher, and also increase critical damage. If you are a team player, then don’t forget about Berserker’s Call, which increases movement speed of the whole party and protects it from slowing down.

Fast unlocking of the class

As we have already said, to unlock this class you have to possess good gamer skills. If you are a newbie to SkyForge, then you will have to endure playing weaker classes for quite a long time. But you have a unique opportunity. You can always order Berserker class in SkyForge on our website and get the ordered class in the shortest time possible. Our specially trained gamers make true wonders. In a few days we do things other gamers would spend weeks on.

Be sure that after you start cooperating with us, in a few days you will already start to feel great advantages, which can be bought for a small price. We make the game diversified and simpler. Don’t waste your chance to become one of the best players in SkyForge just now!