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Unlock Kinetic class

This service includes:

  • Unlocking new class
  • Completing primary and secondary quests
  • +2000-4000 prestige points
  • Unlocking talent slots
  • The Order power leveling

Minimum requirements:

  1. Premium account
  2. General atlas is unlocked.

The order takes 3-5 days to complete.


Unlock Kinetic class

Skyforge is an MMORPG from Russian studio AllodsTeam in cooperation with Obsidian Entertainment studio. The game takes place in the world where mythical creatures, technological progress and gods exist on one planet. Main peculiarity of the game is the absence of levels and experience. Gamers are very happy with a hybrid combat system and a multitude of playable classes. Those players who have just started playing the game often ask questions about how to unlock Kinetic class or Archer. As it turns out, there’s nothing difficult.

Game classes

After you have tried out such classes as Lightbinder, Paladin and Cryomancer, you will reach a certain node in the atlas, which allows you to get class sparks and unlock Ascension atlas. You will receive ability to master new classes. Some of the first classes to unlock are Archer, Necromancer, Kinetic and Slayer. You have to find the desired class in the atlas and right-click on it to draw a path to reach this class. To unlock a class you’ll need class sparks, which are needed to upgrade nodes of the atlas. Right after doing so, when you reach the class itself, you will be able to unlock it in exchange for special sparks. Still wondering how to unlock Kinetic class? Our services will help you find a solution.

Kinetic class

Manipulating a special energetic field, Kinetic can control enemies’ movement due to gravity fields, deal great AoE-damage and protect his allies with his energy shield. Current class is implemented in the game without any complications. Kinetic has great damaging abilities, beautiful animation and also diversity. Due to his unique power Kinetic can strike enemies both from a distance and in engaging in close fights.

Like any other class, Kinetic has his drawbacks. In Skyforge Kinetic has quite bad stamina, and a weak defense. That is the main reason for player to constantly keep track of what’s going on and defend himself with energy field or evade attacks.

No busy idleness

If you still don’t know how to unlock this or that class, then our staff will do all the routinous work for you, and with pleasure! If you don’t have time or you’re simply lazy, then you can always order Kinetic class in Skyforge from our experts. Our employees are gamers with more than 5 years’ experience in MMORPG. Due to their high professionalism, our gamers complete tasks in shortest periods of time, when a simple gamer would have to spend weeks on it.

For your convenience we accept almost all payment methods on our service. Always be one step ahead of your opponents – cooperate with professionals!

9 August 2015
Really fast . 10/10
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