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Unlock Knight class

This service includes:

  • Unlocking new class
  • Completing primary and secondary quests
  • +2000-4000 prestige points
  • Unlocking talent slots
  • The Order power leveling

Minimum requirements:

  1. Premium account
  2. General atlas is unlocked.

The order takes 5-7 days to complete


Unlock Knight class

The game SkyForge is one of the few MMORPG that has no notion of experience and levels. Character develops with the help of evolution sparks, which are collected through completing tasks. For these sparks you can unlock new nodes in ascension atlas. Therefore, character’s level can be defined by the amount of prestige, which, in its turn, is defined by the number of unlocked nodes and equipment, and also by the development of the Order.

To this date there are 13 classes available in the game, each of them has its own pros and cons. Many gamers strive to unlock Knight class, one of the most powerful and mighty classes.

Ideal tank

Current class is quite slow, but it possesses a powerful armor, huge shield and a heavy spear. The Knight deals blows seldom, but each of his hits can crush many enemies. Also, Knight is able to throw his spear, сефсрштп his enemies off guard.

If you compare a Knight to a Paladin, this class is more agile. If Paladin uses magic quite often, the Knight relies on his stamina and might only. This class is not able to ambush his opponents, but can run for a long time with his shield in front of him, throwing his enemies aside on his way through. In SkyForge Knight is one of the mightiest warriors. The ability to become invulnerable triggers quite rarely, but lasts quite long.

Knight’s super abilities

If you already know how to unlock Knight class, then you probably have already had a chance to try out his unique abilities, specifically the ability to summon a hawk. It can scare enemies away from Knight’s allies and attack those enemies. A unique ultimate of this class is an ability to resurrect immediately after perishing in the battle.

Order the desired class

If you want to order the service of unlocking the Knight class in the shortest period of time, then our specialists are ready to get down to work and fulfill all the duties our service guarantees. Our employees are true experts who know a lot about MMORPG. The experience of each gamer is more than of 5 years. We know all the nuances of certain games, and how to reach the highest levels and the rarest items in the shortest time possible. To order Knight class in SkyForge is unbelievably easy, and what’s most important, it’s very profitable, too. For the smallest fee you will save your precious time and nerves.

Such a mighty warrior as a Knight is always in the middle of a fray, and his loyal hawk is ready to attack all the foes in one click. The Knight can blunt the attack of a huge amount of enemies, which can distract them from his allies, who are not so well-protected. Wielding a shield and a spear, the Knight can not only block attacks well, but also deal deadly and devastating blows!