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Unlock Slayer

This service includes:

  • Unlocking new class
  • Completing primary and secondary quests
  • +2000-4000 prestige points
  • Unlocking talent slots
  • The Order power leveling

Minimum requirements:

  1. Premium account
  2. General atlas is unlocked.

The order takes 3-5 days to complete.


Unlock Slayer class

Gamers have received another universe to train their abilities. Long-awaited novelty – online game SkyForge allows looking on character power leveling differently. Denying typical levels and experience gain, the developers have given a complete freedom in tactics selection and have even implemented 9 different classes to kill enemies. Automatic updates of environment (each 40 minutes PvP and PvE instance are changed) and special stats make the gameplay exciting. With that, selecting a Slayer class you will be able to get hold of very intriguing strategic functional.

Slayer: hidden benefits of the class

The majority of users admit this class to be the most comfortable to play, because it is easy to unlock Slayer class (after playing for 10-20 hours), no special skills are needed to manipulate him and the firepower is rewarding, increasing character’s power at a fast pace. Main peculiarities of this class are instant shifting to any place under attack of the enemy and evasion of attacks. Becoming quite dangerous in the hands of an experienced player, Slayer also has the following advantages:

  • perfect mobility and speed;
  • ability to flee from the fight, avoiding damage;
  • dealing of powerful and over-time damage;
  • attack from afar.

In SkyForge Slayer already acquires an inviting experience on early stages of playing, which puts him way ahead other classes. Sometimes the hidden potential of this class is the only solution for this or that task in the virtual world. Equipment differs depending on fighting style. In particular, various amulets empower certain skills and abilities.

Abilities of a character

Thinking about how to unlock Slayer class, do notice the list of future talents. Here are the most necessary to obtain ones:

  • Biting Whips;
  • Shadow Blessing;
  • Sneak Attack;
  • Surprise Effect;
  • Major Hatred;
  • Stigma;
  • Abduction.

Training your character more often will result in unlocking improvements for already unlocked talents. Taking magic as a foundation, to order Slayer class in Skyforge will be just the right decision, as it will simplify completion of the quests. Assembling everything altogether and slightly changing the abilities of similar characters, Slayer will perfectly suit those users who bet on dynamic fighting, fast mouse-clicking and surprising attacks. Main advantages of the Slayer are improvisation and enthusiasm, as in passive defense mode he becomes drastically weaker than his opponents.  But in action such class will have no equals and power leveling will become very easy and interesting.