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Unlock Warlock class

This service includes:

  •     Unlocking new class
  •     Completing primary and secondary quests
  •     +2000-4000 prestige points
  •     Unlocking talent slots
  •     The Order power leveling

Minimum requirements:

  1. Premium account
  2. General atlas is unlocked.

The order takes 5-7 days to complete.


Unlock Warlock class

SkyForge is an MMORPG game from Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment, SkyForge is a game with an exciting plot, good picture, interesting combat system and huge power leveling opportunities. Only after starting your path in the game  you will have a limited amount of character classes at option and to unlock yourself some new classes, each gamer will have to work hard. Discovering the peculiarities of the game you will find out how to unlock Warlock, Berserker, Archer etc.

Warlock class

This class has a whole arsenal of dark forces in his hands. Many gamers simply love playing as Warlock, because he has lots of secret potions, dreadful spells at his disposal, and also a broom, which servers a role of both personal transport and a powerful weapon, that allows to shorten and enlarge the distance with your enemies. Don’t try to understand Warlock, he’s not a book to tell by its cover. This character always acts for his own benefits and he pursues his personal goals. In SkyForge Warlock is the one who doesn’t like to play by rules, and you stand in his way you may experience all the dreadful spells on yourself.

As any other class, Warlock has his drawbacks. Current class has almost no defense which makes him quite vulnerable. Some of his spells don’t affect bosses and elite, which makes him useless in some cases. Also you must note to yourself that in long fights his quite high damage may not save him. These are all the drawbacks of the class and if this doesn’t scare you, you will be rewarded deservedly by all the benefits of this mysterious class.

Unlock the class and give it a try

For those who already know how to unlock Warlock class, we wish good luck and fast progress with this amazing class, and for those who’s only making the first steps in the game or for some reasons cannot unlock the desired class, we would like to offer our services.

Order Warlock class in SkyForge from us – it is the easiest solution! Our experts are able to unlock this class in the shortest time possible, making you forget about the tiresome process and useless waste of time. You can pay for an order with the help of the most popular payment methods. Right after making a payment our professional gamers will start completing your order and will do everything necessary for you to experience all the best of cooperation from us.

Thanks to our services you will be able not only to unlock the desired class, you also will be able to simplify your game a lot, and make it brighter and more interesting. You can order not only to unlock class, but also make a game currency purchase or sale, order power leveling to the desired level etc. Become stronger with our help!

18 August 2015
really reliable service. I would it any time again ;) thanks!
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