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Sparks of Balance

Minimum requirements:

  • Premium account.
  • All atlas is unlocked. 

Completion period:

  • Less than 1 day

Sparks of Balance 

Skyforge – the leading MMORPG game, developed by AllodsTeam studio from Russia in cooperation with ObsidianEntertainment studio from the USA. Among the main peculiarities of the game one cannot but to name an original storyline, completely new mechanics of character development and modern non-target combat system. The game has combined all classic RPG elements, but, nevertheless, with a futuristic theme too. You play as a simple human. The main goal will be to achieve the state of a god. Trying to make progress faster in the game, you will encounter the problem of getting colored sparks. You will find out how to get blue sparks in Skyforge, and also how to come in possession of other sparks. 

Gradually unlocking Ascension atlas, the gamer will get access to new classes, which can be switched in the options menu. This will help the player to try everything out and decide which style suits you better. You will be always ready for the most difficult tasks, for which you will get quite a lot of sparks.

The main game resource is the faith of your followers, which helps you to obtain a form of god sooner or later. Then you will be able to deflect any attacks of enemies and your home planet Aelion will be safe.

Colored sparks

Remember that to get sparks of balance in Skyforge is a very difficult task. In fact, this is exhausting. To get a little amount of sparks, you will have to spend days in the game clearing the dungeons and killing mobs. Many gamers abandon the game on this stage and that’s where the fault lies. The most interesting things happen in the game not in the beginning, but later, when new classes become available and battles become more exciting and diversified.

Blue sparks are needed to make progress in the Ascension atlas and reach new classes. One player can get sparks only to make progress in atlas, the other – to improve some personal skills. But in the end the goal is one: to get sparks for improving the game, to become more powerful and stronger.

Purchase blue sparks

You can buy sparks of balance in SkyForge with the help of our website, spending the least amount of time and nerves. This is the most convenient way to make your game brighter and more interesting. Many gamers have already become our standing customers, solving their problems with the help of our experts.

If you are a newcomer to the game and you wish your character to evolve as fast as possible, if you really want to get a great amount of blue sparks for personal needs, if you want to reach the top of Ascension atlas as soon as possible, then don’t hesitate, just contact one of our online-consultants and we are sure that they will quickly find a solution for your problem.

Long time experience

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There is no need to spend days on farming sparks. We make a cooperation maximally real and accessible. Buy blue sparks in Skyforge at affordable price, it’s not a myth, it’s real!