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Get experience points in WOT

World of Tanks - dynamic and large-scale armored combat simulator which has millions of gamers all over the world participate in it. World of Tanks is an action MMO game, devoted to armored vehicles of the middle of the 20's. Many gamers lose themselves in tank-versus-tank action so much that they call it "Counter Strike on tanks", and you probably know, that it is true. But in contrast with common shooters current game can be positioned as RPG, shooter and strategy at the same time. Like in all other similar games players are very interested in upgrading tanks and also in getting experience points in WOT. You can either try getting experience points on your own, farming silver without puchasing premium account or any additional perks of the game, or you can use a shortcut and simply visit our website and start a cooperation with professionals. Everyone chooses his own vecotr of development and we cannot judge anyone, but on the other hand we won't miss the opportunity to tell you about getting experience and farming silver.

Each player will meet a huge tank arsenal in the game, and all the tanks are divided into classes: middle, heavy etc. Each of the classes includes its own unique characteristics and has differences in fighting strategies against other vehicles. Comfortable and easy control over the tanks gives players the opportunity to concentrate on fights and battles, and thanks to an elaborate game mechanics you are offered to experience maximally comfortable gaming pace, which allows to make thought out decisions concerning tactics.

It's quite difficult to get experience points in WOT. First of all, the player starts with learning the basics of farming. Player finds out what he gets silver for, what he gets experience for etc. There are quite a few ways of productive farming. The most effective among them is damage dealing, because mainly damage stats influence the amount of silver gained by the player. The second way is geting frags. Each killed frag in the game is worth of a certain amount of silver. The third way is assists.

As you can see, theoretically it is possible to get silver in WOT, but practically it's completely an impossible thing to manage and you would also need high skills and lots of free time. FFighting combats you have to to have your own strategy and have a good knowledge of all maps. The game has plenty of various nuances and if you can do nothing at all or you just don't want to waste lots of time to get experience points, just come to our website, where highly qualified professionals can help you out.

Experience points and silver for real money

Professionals of our service help to get silver in World of Tanks. Each gamer in our staff knows about all the nuances of WOT and understands completely all the manipulations of game accounts of his clients. Thanks to our professionality we can make you forget about lack of silver and experience points in the shortest period of time.

Can you trust us? The answer is "yes". Thousands of gamers have already seen the true value of cooperation with our service. We provide clear, reliable and qualified services. Reviews of our pleased customers can always be acquainted with in the correspoding section of the website. Also our service provides warranties, thanks to which each player who orders the service of getting silver can be completely secure from any possible risks.

We will help you to get experience points in World of Tanks at the price affordable for everyone. Now you don't have to think that your tank is the worst. You will fight with the strongest and wisest players as equals, wining a fight after a fight, gaining victory after victory.

To order the service of getting experience points on our website, you simply have to know the following nuances:

  • You need to have Premium account;
  • Order completion process starts the next day after the order was submitted and paid for.
  • We provide absolute confidentiality of the deal;
  • Customer discusses details of the order, payment and terms of completion with one of our operators directly. Minimum parameters of an order are discussed personally with an operator;
  • Farming of WOT silver is conducted manually by our gamers. We use no bots, third-party software or anything else. We leather away at our job, we work quickly, honestly and qualitatively.

After the order will be complete we recommend you to change account password to elude any possible issues.

Experience leveling in WOT is a unique and effective service of our service. To this date current service is quite rare and you can not be 100% sure in it, when you find similar offers on various forums.

We are crackerjacks who know the nuances of World of Tanks from A to Z. It doesn't matter what exactly interests you, silver, experience points or WOT platoon power leveling, we will assume any task and cope with it like professionals would.