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Goldkinar exists since August 2010 

The main undertaking to purchase on our service of game currency exchange and attendace for MMORPG are our experience, reviews and also the period of our presence on the market of online services.

During the time of our work we have accumulated a huge amount of complimentary remarks, as well as loyal customers and suppliers.

Every member of the GoldKinar team is a well-experienced player. We understand perfectly what it takes to make your game turn into a pleasant leisure instead of an exhausting, dull and nervous hardship on the way to desired goals.

Far from everybody can have the ability to spend 20 hours a day on his character, to stay on track, to keep up with opponents, to stay true in the eyes of teammates or friends online.

And that's exactly hy we provide our services. We will halp you no matter what it takes to reach your desired goals and even more.


The Goldkinar's creed is guarantee, quality, customer care 

We strive for completing your order in the shortest time possible. We will do all the 'dirty work' for you, and you'll only have to enjoy your achievements.

Why are we better:

  • Every order of power leveling, rare items drop or other services which require an acess to your account are followed up by an obligatory online-demonstration of the task being completed by our operators. I.e. after submitting an order you will get an access to a private channel on Twitch, to remain up-to-date on the matter of your character's well-being and the completion of the task.
  • Every order placed on our service gets an instant feedback. We work 24/7. You will have your order fulfilled as soon as possible at any time of the day.
  • Prices set for various attendance are as low as can be. We don't make our pricing predatory, we just provide with the best offers possible.
  • Every person who makes an order on our website automatically becomes a part of our cumulative discount system. The more you purchase, the more you get.

Our contacts:

Please, be aware that our ICQ ans SKYPE accounts are permanent. Any numbers and logins which are NOT noted on our website cannot be our contacts and may be a subject to a fraudulent use.

Our ICQ: 

423-187-641 — For buyers

620-550-291 — For suppliers


Our Skype:

buy-goldkinar - For buyers

sell-goldkinar - For suppliers






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