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On the first of November, tomorrow, a new Ranked Play Season will start in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. And as usual one can easily get a new card back to the collection. But now there is a sort of a mystery: how this new card back will look like? This secret will be revealed on the BlizzCon 2015 by the team of programmers. Who know, we may also hear about a new addition or an update. The rules are simple: to gain a new card back all you have to do is achieve rang 20 in this ranked... Read more
31 October 2015
Programmers team of MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn announced that the awaited update 3.1 named “As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness” will be relased very soon - on the tenth of November. Here are all the new thing that will be present in the update: unique researching missions, new mini-games and new dungeon named Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum. Besides mentioned things players will face a new hard-version of Pharos Sirius dungeon, new Beast Tribe quests, new haircuts for... Read more
26 October 2015
Mail.Ru announced that the XLGAMES has finished the first step of improving of the new system of nation unions and on the 29th of October, this new system will become avaiable for all the players of the Russian version of Archeage.These new factions of users will let players unite in one community all the characters which are on the different continents. There can be three hundred of users in it. But do not forget about tha fact, that the creation of unions will be avaiable only for... Read more
25 October 2015
So here is a long awaited release of addition Hearth of Throns for Guild of Wars 2. Now a brand new speciality Revenenat. It will surely help all the players with smashing their rivals and will wreak the havoc all over the battlefield. Besides it is well aware that there is a nev PvP-mode called Stronghold. You and your alliance partners will be trying to insinuate behind the walls of your enemies' defense lines, smaishing their gates and having one main goal - to kill their lord. In... Read more
25 October 2015
A new joyful event is coming in the MMORPG Skyforge named "Evil Pumpkin Festival". The leaves begin to change thei color so there is particulary the most exciting time of season - the event starts from October 21st until November 4th. During our Halloween Festivities, you will be able to take part in multiple challenges and adventures to earn candies. These precious candies can then be exchanged for Halloween items in the Event section of the Market. Players have to complete the... Read more
23 October 2015
Now every player has a chance to personalize the character. Once you have picked the certain race and class you are to play, it’s time to customize the appearence of your own character. So you can freely do it in Blade & Soul’s robust customization system. When you open the appearance customization screen, you will see the default appearance of the race that you have selected. You can even select the background where the character stands to have an opportunity to see how it... Read more
12 October 2015
Distortions are Pantheon exclusive activities that pit 10 players against ancient battle-hardened invaders which have been locked away for sometimes centuries. After a Pantheon acquires a Distortion Analyzer, they are capable of searching for Distortions across Aelion. Here you can see a great trailer released by the Skyforge team telling us about the history Skyforge Distortions. It is pretty exsiting so no doubt you'd like it! You can order the following services for Skyforge... Read more
11 October 2015
Next monday (10.12) all the players will face a new free server of Black Desert. Of course, this event is very awaited for. It is important to know that the server is absolutely free and open for every one who wants to try. By the way, there is a new thing in Black Desert Online: two-seat mount. Practically this mount is not very useful, because you cannot attack being on it and aslo damage applies on both characters. But players can explore the fantastic Black Desert game world together... Read more
10 October 2015
On the beginning of the next week (10.12-10.15) Russian version of action RPG Path of Exile will recieve a new patch 2.0.4. Game will have 13 brand new Divination Cards. Also there is a sixth flank on the "Hall of Grandmasters" unique map.  Now your pet is always active even if you reenter the game. 80% of lowlevel maps have recieved a lowing of the monsters' damage. A mistake that caused using of Malahai's abilities incorrectly was fixed.  The number of... Read more
8 October 2015
Team of Skyforge shared a video review for a brand new location. A new tranquil and very picturesque location will be available for all the Immortals with minimum prestige level of 187000. Its name is Valley - it's separated from the outer world by the mountains, but unfortunately it's not so sane as it was before. Now this location is occupied by the enemies herrying poor civilians. More about this location and history of it you can get to know from the video below. ... Read more
6 October 2015
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