Our requisites
- R136158014034
- U318666389166
- Z223644224561
- +380962408508
- 41001766838831

Bonus: Order amount:
2% 17 $
3% 170 $
4% 340 $
5% 850 $
6% 1190 $

All you need is to enter your E-mail when make an order.

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You can become a supplier of gold / adena / kinah and other game currencies.

To sell Tera gold, Aion kinah or Lineage adena you have to do the following:




1. Contact our operator:

ICQ: 620550291

Skype: Sell-goldkinar 

2. Discuss your cooperation conditions, then you get listed as a supplier. There is no fixed price for the game currency you want to sell. Due to this reason we buy currency from those suppliers who offer it for a better price.

3. The more often you are online, the bigger is your chance to sell us your game currency (kinah, gold etc.). If you use ICQ in an Invisible mode, add us to the list of those who can see you in Invisible mode.

4. We purchase game currency from our suppliers depending on our customers' demand.

5. After you become listed as one of our suppliers, we will message you any time we need the game currency on any of the servers. After you get such message (if have the game currency on a server and race we need it for) you have to provide us the information on the current amount of currency you are able to sell and the price you want for it. If this price is acceptable for us, we will definitely contact you. If you didn't get a reply for us, then either you set the price too high or you were not responding for too long.

6. The payment is done in the next 30 minutes via WebMoney, Yandex.Money or QIWI after the deal is made.

ATTENTION: All game currency must be earned honestly. We don't accept game currency from the 1 level characters, have courtesy to transfer in-game valuables through your main character, and in return we promise to keep this deal completely confidential.

Don't offer us in-game valuables that were stolen, obtained via bug-exploiting or other dishonest ways, because we do not encourage such policies. Otherwise you will get reported for fraudulent operations.

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